Saturday, February 16, 2013

For a Fleeting, Wonderful Time... All Was Snow

Or, well, there was some snow at least.

Clearly, I was pretty happy to see it. For a while it felt like a real Illinois February, even, to me. Cold enough and wet enough to suck the warmth right out of you while you smile.

There's a charm to that, when you don't get to experience it any more.

The charm fades quickly.

Snow of any particular stickiness is worth documenting, even as close to the mountains as I am on a regular basis. Even when it falls, it melts immediately. The ground is just too warm. This time, though, for brief shining minutes, the snow stuck.

There was much rejoicing and snow in my hair.

It melted after about an hour (and took a little longer to melt in some places, apparently), but while it was there, it was wonderful.

Tonight, I am relaxing out some of the stress in my back and shoulders and birthday shopping on etsy. Or, well, I was. I have shopped myself all out. I was given the instruction to buy a couple of prints for our walls, too, which means I really feel like I've both accomplished something useful (print-buying) and bought myself something frivolous (a candle and a T-shirt) to celebrate the entirely unremarkable birthday I'm about to have.

I feel like I should celebrate my birthdays while I can, though. Soon-ish, whenever the urge to start having kids I have been infected with thanks to pregnant friends and my mama sister and mama friends and their awesome kids (thanks, Jo, Sherrie, Sarah, and Christina; you gave me baby rabies) there will be children, whose birthdays are expensive and tend to make parents forget to celebrate their own.

Well, here is my toast to myself, made with a mug of hot tea and fingers crossed:

May I always have something beautiful just for me on March 6.

(Just wait; in five years I'll be telling everyone "My kids are what's beautiful just for me!" while explaining why I'm still wearing the same yoga pants I wore yesterday and haven't combed my hair. Just wait. Anyone want to take a bet?)

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