Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feel the Burn

This hand, my friends.

This hand belongs to an incredibly talented person.

It belongs to the only person who could manage to get a nasty sunburn in the middle of freaking February.

How's that for talent?

So remember our idyllic happy-fun-friend-times-walk from Sunday?

Do you remember how I didn't put on sunscreen before I left, because it was February? How it simply didn't occur to me, since even though it was sunny it was only 65 or so degrees outside? How merrily I went on my way, chatting with friends, drinking coffee, having a good time with the dog, all that good stuff?

How I came home with a new shirt (the yellow shirt I'm wearing in this picture, actually) after "just browsing" in Sunrift Adventures for all of ten minutes?

Do you remember that, my dear readers?

I do.

And now I know it was a terrible mistake.

I will never forget sunscreen again.

(I say, for the fifteenth time.)

I am just ill-equipped for South Carolina. Two and a half years after we moved here, and I still can't quite get the hang of sunscreen in the winter. It just... it just shouldn't be! I've never gotten a sunburn in the winter in my life before we moved here.

I was talking to Jason about the sunburn the other day, that and the two days of rain and gray and dreary we had before the sun came back, and I asked him, "Why did we move to South Carolina again?"

He looked at me and replied, "Call your mom. Ask her what the temperature is in Illinois today."

Question answered.

I am the moisturizer queen right now. Twenty minutes after I put my morning stuff on, I already feel like my skin is cracking and painful thanks to this stupid sunburn.

However, I have found an incredibly temporary cure. Well, not cure. A panacea.


This cost me 99 cents in the travel bin at Walmart a month-ish ago. I bought it to put on my hands, since the dryness at work makes them crack and dry out really quickly.

Turns out?

Also really good for sunburn. Or at least good for making me feel it less. It's the only moisturizer (out of something like fifteen I have lurking around my house; I am a failed-moisturizer hoarder) that has actually helped in any way.

It is my new best friend. I am going to buy it a birthday present.

(Or, well, no I'm not. I might buy the cat Christmas presents? But I haven't yet hit the 'the stuff I buy presents for isn't even animate' stage yet.)

Also, part 1 of my birthday present arrived!

I mentioned oil & wax in one of my list of pretties off of etsy, but I had already ordered from them at the time.

I actually have three candles by Rachel now; Simply Lavender, Lavender Cucumber & Sage, and now Twigs & Berries. I had ordered Twigs & Berries, but through somewhat of a mistake in shipping, I own all three.

They all smell amazing. The LC&S smell is the perfect clean-kitchen smell, and the Lavender is probably perfect for the bath. Twigs & Berries I'm leaving in the living room. They're soy candles and they come in these glass jars (or a tumbler, above) that you can clean out and re-use once the candle has burned as much as it can.

Have I mentioned I also hoard candles?

God forbid the power go out and I have to light more than one at a time.

When it happens? Our house smells like eight fields of wildflowers all got together and had a mosh pit.

Unscented candles are for the weak.

I am strong like bear!

And also burned in uneven patches of red like South Carolina dirt.

I'm going to go stare at myself in the mirror and wince now.

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