Thursday, February 21, 2013

Because I am Boring, Have Some Pretties

My life this week has consisted entirely of work, reading, writing, and other things that are not particularly entertaining to talk about on the internet.

Although last week when I said my week hadn't been particularly exciting, it got interesting pretty fast, in a less than fun way.

So cross your fingers I haven't spoken too soon yet again.

I have no amusing anecdotes for you. The dog remains cute, the cat remains vaguely cranky, and Jason and I remain sickeningly sweet when around one another.

You probably don't want to read that.

So, to save your eyes and your brains, here are some random pretties I found on etsy.

Adorable red panda art print by wintersmoke. Go look at Mark's other animal drawings. They are all cute in a way that makes all those kitten pictures on the internet seem like moss on a rock.

This leather bracelet from experimetal. She's got some gorgeous earrings, too. I don't have pierced ears, as needles and I have never quite come to much of an understanding, but I still think earrings are pretty to look at.

On other people.

Neat necklace from Tom Bjorn Designs. There are about twenty thousand necklaces in this shop I am quickly falling in love with. Or, you know, five. Those numbers are interchangeable in a brain that counts in forms of "1, 2, many" right?

Raccoon dog collar. StinkyandSweetpea has a ton of collar designs, my current reigning favorite being this dinosaur bones one.

We are waiting until we know Indy's grown-up size before we invest in any higher-cost collars or harnesses, but I'm keeping an eye on this shop until then.

Tiny baby booties; these are by definition the cutest things that have ever existed. I mean, how do you fight tiny baby shoes? You can't. The baby shoes will always win.

robedellarobi has bonnets, too. Bonnets. 

Bonnets, people.

I look at this and I think, "You know, maybe I do need more mugs."

And somewhere, Jason begins to panic and doesn't know why.

Okay, now, this ring is gorgeous. Wood and antler bone ring with a turquoise inlay. That is a thing of beauty.

Vanilla Hazelnut soy candle from Oil and Wax. I actually just bought a candle from Oil and Wax, so I'm not altogether unbiased as far as how cool they are. Mine was Twigs and Berries.

Rachel's got quite a few neat scents; Mediterranean Fig is catching my eye pretty heavily right now. I squint at it, and I dream. Or plot.

Whichever is less evil.

We'll end with this, because a fish in a hot air balloon seems like the best place for me to stop.

This is a print from Felt Mountain Studios. I started reading Stephanie Bertenshaw's blog a few months back, and kind of got hooked. I won't lie on this one, either; I've just bought two of her prints for our kitchen. Although not the one above, even if now I want that one too, heh.

Her shop is a dangerous place; happy fun bright things to put everywhere in your house. I pretty much want the whole shop.

... somewhere, Jason panics.

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