Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainy Day Monday

It's pretty dreary in Greenville. It's not raining so much as it's spitting, the sky is flat gray, the roads are just shiny enough to be annoying. Indy is apparently somewhat of a delicate princess about getting his little paws wet in the rain when he goes to the bathroom; I basically have to pick him up and deposit him at the bottom of the porch stairs to get him to go out in the grass. Or keep him leashed, which he hates even more when he's in the yard.

Today was Indy's first vet appointment. Everything went basically according to plan. The doctor was nice, although he really reminded me heavily of my cousin Ryan and my cousin Jake, as if the two of them were smushed together, given black hair, and deposited in South Carolina. It was a little disconcerting, I won't lie.

I was a little bit of a nervous wreck before we went over there, though. It was like taking my kid to the doctor, and I don't even have one yet. I was so worried Dr. Davis would listen to his heart and then tell me something was terribly wrong. Turned out I was worried about nothing, which is... pretty much par for the course for me.

While we were there, he was worrying at something in his mouth and Dr. Davis looked in and figured out one of his baby teeth had come loose and was hanging at an odd angle. This goes to show you; while I knew intellectually that dogs lose their baby teeth, it had never occurred to me that Indy's would come out now. I had this idea that they all dropped out really early on.

It was a tiny little sort of molar-tooth.

My dog is basically teething. I can't tell you how odd that is to my brain.

Odd and also the cutest thing ever.

Yesterday Jason and I decided to go out for a little bit of a date and had a great brunch at Coffee Underground downtown (we'd never tried their brunch before! Suuuuper dark coffee. Delicious crab cake eggs benedict), took a nice long walk. Since the only day we really get together is Sunday, we always try to make the most of it if we can and spend the whole thing together.

I finished my history of Russia. There's a lot of context to Russia that I think we, as Americans, are simply not given. It's a country whose long history I find deeply interesting, because they've always come back to autocracy, no matter what. Lenin and Stalin supported a Communist Russia in name only; their governments were stridently autocratic and took almost none of the opinions of the Russian citizenry into account. Indeed, many of the tactics that Russia's leaders resort to are the very same tactics the Bolsheviks were deriding as 'tsarist' during the revolution. Gorbachev tried to put in a few small changes, but didn't really realize what a waterfall economic and political change can become. Once the people know they can speak up without being 'disappeared', they will. Once the people can get a hold of news from the BBC or other areas that are not subject to government censorship, they will realize what's out there they haven't seen, and odds are likely they will want to access it.

Their experiment with a limited form of democracy in the 90's was disastrous for their economy, in no small part because the government and its foreign economic advisers were pushing a rapid privatization scheme that didn't take into account the effect of such immediate change on your average Russian citizen, a scheme that allowed a few rich men to amass basically unimaginable wealth. Similar issues with rapid privatization have happened in other countries that were previously socialized when it came to their economies; trying to push through capitalism without a transitional period is almost always going to be disastrous for the country's citizens.

So, in any case, I finished this book.

Now to start on this one.

I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty Russia'd out by the time I'm done with the second one.

Maybe I'll read a nice fiction book about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns next.

As somewhat of a salute to rainy days and Eastern Europe, tonight's dinner plans are to make Beef Paprikash. I'm using one of my new cookbooks, the one I received as a Christmas present; the Farmer's Cookbook. The cookbook is set by month of the year, with recipes and ideas for January, February, March, etc. It keeps things seasonal and easy to find.

They have some cool stuff about curing meats, breadmaking, fermenting, and canning stuff, too.

Somewhere back there I turned into someone who's vaguely domestic.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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