Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(Not Terribly) Wordless Wednesday: New Year's Resolutions

Maybe number nine should have been "Take more time to think things through so you don't have to cross out what you've already written."
2013 is here! I'm pretty sure we were promised flying cars by now, but I'll try to be patient. I'd sure like to see house-robots doing my cleaning for me, though.
The resolutions above are words representing much larger concepts I'm working on, so I wouldn't assume they are all the obvious things. Although some of them very much are. Actually most of them are probably fairly obvious. I think I just wanted to sound mysterious.
Hopefully now that the holidays are over and things are settling down a little, I can get back into my regular posting schedule instead of bouncing around like I was.
Hmm... maybe I should have made that a resolution.

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