Thursday, January 31, 2013

Because You Haven't Seen Enough Yet

Because there can never be enough.

Indy, who is beginning to master walking into the crate of his own power before we leave! He still needs a little push, but we don't have to pick him up and deposit him in there anymore. He does start makin' the sad face as soon as we start putting on our shoes, though.

He has also discovered a deep love of stick-chewing.

And rawhide lollipops from Petco.

And his new cotton-and-rope duck toy... also from Petco.

Really, he just loves Petco.

 and I promise we still have a cat. She just won't stay still, and this is the best photo of her I have gotten in the last couple of weeks, so... make what you will of that.

She makes sure Indy knows who's boss, but he wants to play with her so very badly. It is both adorable and sad. When we crate him before we leave, she will routinely come over to his water bowl and start drinking out of it. He'll sit there and stare at her through the bars.

I think, come on, cat. That is just mean.

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