Friday, December 14, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regular Programming

I was going to do a 5 Things post today, but there are bigger things. Today, in Connecticut, a man opened fire on an elementary school. He killed children, he killed adults. Children had to run past the bodies of their classmates on their way to safety. Cops told them to close their eyes and put their hands on the shoulders of the kid in front of them, to follow the sound of the adults' voices.

This is the second shooting in in less than a week.

This is the eighth mass shooting in the U.S. this year.

When I was a kid, Columbine happened, and I remember being absolutely floored by it. I had never, not really, thought about how someone could come into my school and kill me, and it might be that guy nobody liked or it might be that guy who was fairly popular and hiding his all-consuming rage. It could be anyone.

A couple years later, when I was in middle school, my name popped up on the "hit list" of someone who was a couple of grades older than me, someone I didn't even know. The list was found and the person suspended. I was put on that list due to being friends with someone the person in question did not like. School shootings happen, and we don't know how to keep them from happening.

We put in metal detectors, we suspend students we find with hit lists, we try to keep unrelated people off school campuses, we read the psychological reports of the shooters over and over again, looking for the magic button that will keep it from happening again.

There are children in Connecticut today who are learning in the worst possible way a fact we try so hard to hide from them; that there are people in the world, in this country, in your own county and maybe down the road from you... there are people out there who just want to hurt you.

They may not even know you. It doesn't matter.

They just want to see how much pain they can give to the world.

Those children, or at least most of them, had no understanding of this truth yesterday, last night, this morning.

Now they do.

Pray, if praying is what you do.

Light a candle, meditate, send good vibes into the universe do whatever it is you do to wish the world a better place than it is. If only for the sake of people whose lives have changed in a split-second, who have lost their children, their parents, their siblings, their uncles or aunts these people who have lost their people.

They could use whatever love, support, consolation, or sorrow you have to share with them.


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