Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's and Naps

Vintage New Year's card available here.

Back in South Carolina, and definitely happy to be here, although I already miss my family. The drive home was infinitely interesting; Indiana had had a snow shortly before we hit the state line, and the roads were pretty touch-and-go for a while, until Indianapolis and its habit of actually salting its interstates saved us. Kentucky was snowy, too, which was very pretty. Tennessee was just damp, which was less pretty, and full of angry sleet. 

The mountains of North Carolina decided to surprise us with a happy snowstorm, which turned most of the cars on the road at the time into panicky, swerve-y creatures. Jason is a calm driver, but their behavior was making even him nervous; and God knows driving in the mountains makes me nervous in the most ideal conditions. We were a little wall-eyed by the time we actually arrived home; we basically spent about an hour being gloriously, blissfully not in the car before falling over into bed.

Yesterday was girls'-day-out shopping times at the mall, followed up by seeing Les Miserables. I really liked this particular movie take on it, although I will say that there were times that things felt a bit too staged and grandiose for a film. It was mostly a visual problem, and only occasional. Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream", though, is brutal. She not only nails the song, but almost the entire thing is done in a single long take, focused in a close-up on her face and nothing else. It's the perfect staging for the song, to let Fantine's misery shine without diluting it with any other imagery. It turned out to be a five-Kleenex movie for me. 4/5, my only quibble being some visual elements feeling sort of forced and fake. And also for the several large, bluntly placed butterflies fluttering around when one of our main characters is singing. We get it, guys. She's a Disney heroine. I was waiting for bluebirds to sing along with her.

The shopping part was great. In fact, I am all snuggled up in a new blanket from yesterday right now. It is the warmest blanket, people. Warm and soft and snuggly as all get out.

Jason and I are enjoying our last couple days off before we both head back to work on Wednesday. This mostly means we are napping if we feel like it and eating snack mix and I am enjoying my Starbucks gift card from Christmas entirely too much.

Working on New Year's Resolutions. I'm not sure why I do these; I suppose it's just good to have goals, even if I don't really end up succeeding at them all that often.

Tonight is the obligatory New Year's Eve party, which looks to be an awesome time, and tomorrow once we get home I'm just going to do a pile of food-prep for this week (baking sweet potatoes so we can cut 'em up and throw them into stuff as we need them) and nap.

Because while on vacation, one can nap if one wants to.

Turns out? We want to.

See you in 2013.

(Yes, I realize that's what everyone is saying right now, but it amuses me and I think I'm clever.)

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