Monday, December 24, 2012

In This House

In this house there are too many presents to count, a little girl watching old Disney VHS tapes with fresh eyes, my husband drinking "coffee of opportunity" (whatever's left when everyone else has had some), a discussion over vegetables, nobody is getting any more wives, Jason, and life is good.

Christmas Eve is pretty cool so far, although I guess it's only 9 AM. But I think we're just gonna get better from here.

In this house, there's a little girl I haven't seen since Easter, a girl who greeted my arrival by throwing herself at me, my sister and I rocked out some of the last of the wrapping (including "scrap wrapping" a present using the leftover bits of wrapping paper in three different colors, which I think is really our great masterpiece), my brother and I talking books, and soon this house will have even more people in it.

We'll do my father's side of the family tonight, which means, awesomely, that I will get to see my little cousin's wife! I call this man my little cousin even though he's only three years younger than me. Some things never change.

In this house, there's a little girl.

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