Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Ramblings

I made these jalapeno and pepper-jack cheese scones today. I've had them pinned on Pinterest forever and just finally got around to actually buying the few ingredients we don't just have on hand today. They are about as delicious as I expected, which is to say that they are all kinds of delicious. I am also thinking that just using the dough would make great dumplings in a chicken-and-dumplings soup. I am also thinking about making some black bean soup for dinner.

Because soup.

It being Monday, I'm not exactly racing all over the world. I like my Mondays to be low-key when possible, and we've been busy enough the last few weeks that I've really needed Monday for house-stuff and some personal downtime.

And also, I suppose, for making things I found on the internet.

Speaking of, I've decided to try this trick (also found on Pinterest, because that is where I find things lately) for making your T-shirts feel really worn and soft. Supposedly it will recreate a more vintage look/texture. I'm trying it on the T-shirt I bought as a souvenir from when we stayed at the Fryemont Inn in October. I'm supposed to leave it in there for roughly three days and then wash it with only a little bit of detergent.

We'll see what happens. If it works you might see photos of me in the shirt here!

If it doesn't, uh... we'll never speak of it again.

Oh! I wanted to add to everyone's favorite recurring theme on this blog, Let Me Tell You a Story About How I'm Weird.

I thought I would relate to you all the interesting fact that if I sneeze while I'm driving, I always take my foot off the gas and put it over the brake. When I was learning to drive as a teenager, I used to be really terrified that I would sneeze while driving and my foot would slam on the gas pedal in reflex, and then I would cause a multi-car pileup with flames and explosions and people running in circles screaming.

So I trained myself, painstakingly, to make sure my foot moved before I sneezed, over the brake. If I feel a sneeze coming in I always try to get into the rightmost lane, too, so I can go off the road if I have to. That's part of what I trained myself to do as a teenager. At the time it seemed like a pile of common sense to do that. In retrospect I think it's another in a long line of things I like to call why did I worry about that?

It's become such a habit I don't even notice I'm doing it anymore, except that today I actually thought about it and remembered the way I used to force myself to remember it when I was younger.

If only I had some useful good habits I was so good at keeping to.

I'm also scouring a few magazines trying to find some good ideas for a food-or-DIY-themed Christmas. I think I've already found a cool idea for how to make kind off an offbeat-looking door wreath.

We're planning to buy a little 2-foot Christmas tree. We've got a couple of ornaments - one that was a wedding present that is sort of a "yay marriage!" themed thing, a couple of personalized ornaments. My plan is to not buy any ornaments, but make a few to cover the rest of the tree. Maybe some garlands or something.

I don't know.

I vowed to myself that when I became a homeowner, I'd let myself give in to the lure of seasonal decorations. We never had them as apartment-dwellers because moving every year made storing decorations annoying - it meant we had to move boxes of decorations every August, and I was trying to add as little as possible to the pile of stuff we carted around to us.

(I say this as I look at bookshelves full of books, many of which I've bought in the last year)

In any case, I kind of skipped over fall decorating, but I want to do some Christmas stuff.

And then spring/Easter.

And then fall again.

But... we'll just start with a sparkly little Christmas tree.

... and see how long it takes the cat to declare war.

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