Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...



This is our sole contribution to holiday decorating this year. It is not DIY or homemade. It was bought at a store and anything that isn't wood is plastic. I could have done an eco-friendly wreath or made one myself or painted stuff or whatever, but I just wanted to have a holiday wreath, you know?

I've never had a wreath for us before. We moved out of dorms into apartments, each of them too small to justify any kind of serious holiday storage, and the last one too small to justify 3/4 of the stuff we did have in there. 

Now we have some square footage to work with, and it's our house and we want a wreath, damn it.

So we have a wreath!

Jason is pretty excited, too. Christmas is more exciting when you feel more able to really get into it. I don't know if I entertained or embarrassed him with my interpretive dance along to "Feliz Navidad" while we were shopping at Walmart tonight, but since he taught me the correct words I suppose he was really condoning my behavior if you think about it.

This is all his fault somehow. Give me time, I'll figure out a way.

We'll settle for the wreath this time, but we plan to do a kind of mad Supermarket Sweep of holiday decorations once Christmas is over and everything gets discounted. Well, we don't need everything. I'm mostly thinking the bare basics - a doormat, a tree, some lights. I do want our tree to only have ornaments that were presents from others or that we made ourselves.

You know...

Unless it gets to next year and I just decide to buy some plastic.

My parents' visit was great, and as usual I didn't actually take any pictures. I was a little too busy enjoying myself to remember pictures! We had two big family dinners (although one was... well, we probably constituted our own army at that one), took Mom and Dad around downtown Greenville to see our favorite shops and try a couple of new ones, took them to eat at that Greek place Jason and I liked so much...

It was a good weekend!

Now... 26 days until we're in Illinois!

And hey, as a side note. For Greenville shoppers, you might try Southern Fried Cotton - it's a new apparel store downtown. They have Clemson and USC shirts, of course, some really neat designs that I thought were a little nicer than your average college shirts, and lots of designs for Greenville! And if you have a hunting dog, they kind of specialize in shirts that have different dog breeds on them - labs and whatnot. It was a pretty cool store when we visited, and we're big supporters of local business in Greenville. Or in general.

Given a chance, you should always support your local business!

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  1. I was there! I got to witness the actually "hanging of the greens"!!!

    If you have a Hobby Lobby, their stuff is usually 50% off.


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