Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a... Vaguely Greenish-Brown Christmas...

The moon has been huge lately, hanging in the sky like it's trying to climb down to us. The air's got that chill to it, too, and things are going brownish and drab all over. Ah, winter. Of course, this is still South Carolina even if we are a stone's throw from the mountains, so things are pretty green, too.

I remember Jason being a little surprised at how colorless Illinois can be in the winter, when it snows and the leaves are all gone, and all you've got are gray sticks of branches against a gray sky over a gray-white ground, all the way to the horizon... which you can clearly see because everything is flat for miles around.

In contrast, I was surprised by how green South Carolina remained, my first time here in the winter. The leaves are basically gone, sure, but there's still green grass or leaves on bushes.

I am eating grapes and good cheese and tortilla chips for dinner, because I am a grown-up and can eat whatever I want. Winter (and the holidays) bring on and indulge the worst aspects of my already ridiculously overactive sweet tooth, so I'm trying to stuff myself with fruit and pretend it's the same thing.

I'm about 40% successful with this endeavor so far.

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