Sunday, November 18, 2012


Saturday morning when I got to work, Jason and I spotted this guy. He was hanging out at our millstone fountain in the garden, walking delicately over to inspect it for food.I stopped and snagged a couple of (terrible) photos. He spotted us pretty quickly.

By the time we'd gone in to put my stuff down and make coffee, he was gone.

Today, Jason and I decided to have a date day. We went to a home decor store and started in on our plans for Christmas decorating, hit up B&N for coffee and a book (and donated a book for their book drive! If you're over there, you should do the same!), grabbed lunch at Trader Joe's, I made sad faces at things I want at Old Navy, and we went to the movie theater to see the new James Bond movie!

Which is awesome, by the way. Completely awesome. Plus the soundtrack to this one was really kicked up a notch. It's a long movie at nearly 2 and a half hours, but unlike the last Bond movie I really felt like this one needed the time to tell the story. Every single actor was on their A-game in this one. Plus, nobody answered their phone and only one person was texting, and he had the grace to be ashamed of himself and try to hide it.

After the movie, he went over to an art & craft supply store so I could grab a few canvases and new sketchbook. I've been drawing again, so I thought I'd consider taking back up painting. If things seem to be going well after a bit I'll work on making my own canvases again.

Oh, and we grabbed a couple of frames, too, for some Carl Sandburg poetry sheets I grabbed when we visited his house in October. We were able to get sheets of my two favorite poems of his, prints that have the poems in his actual handwriting.

Maybe one of these days I'll even be a real adult and go buy some freaking wall paint.

Maybe if I just keep talking about it often enough...

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