Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

vintage thanksgiving card available here, on etsy.

Sorry it's a little belated; my parents are in town! They were supposed to land in Greenville around noon... we ended up picking them up at the Charlotte airport at 4 o'clock and getting them back in town for Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws at 6:30. They're here, and they're safe, and that's all that matters... but wow we could have done without that fog in Detroit!

We're getting ready to drive 'em around Greenville... and later there's another dinner tonight, because one Thanksgiving is never enough...

Everyone remember to make sure and visit your local small businesses today and tomorrow for Small Business Saturday!

Greenville has plenty of local businesses who would love to help you find gifts for your family members and friends, so don't overlook them just because the big-box stores are having a sale! 

I probably won't be back on here 'til Sunday, so I guess I'll see everyone then... have a good weekend!

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