Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Things - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

photo from Monique Guerr.


It's beginning to look a lot like THANKSGIVING.

I know what all of you were thinking, and it is not time for that yet.

Except that I found a few neat Christmas-y things and now I am going to torture you with them.

At least I'm not attacking you with Christmas music... so far. Well, except my friend Jamin.

I have already attacked him with Christmas music, because I had "Winter Wonderland" stuck in my head and I do not suffer alone, I make others suffer with me.

So for this edition of 5 Things, I am going to rattle all that latent Christmas stuff around in my head and make you suffer through it with me.

Except for my mother, who will not suffer through this so much as she will revel in it. This is, after all, the woman who once left a Christmas tree up into February.

Now she tell you that it was because we were hardly home for Christmas and didn't even get to enjoy it and these things are meant to be enjoyed and besides, it looked really pretty lit up at night.

She will also point out that when Dad wanted to take the Christmas tree down, I argued on her behalf in favor of leaving it up. In my defense, I was fourteen and mostly just didn't want to deal with having to help pack up all the ornaments. Also I like Christmas trees.

I'm sorry, it's genetic. I can't do anything about it. Blame my mom.

1. This set of greeting cards from the Kate & Birdie Paper Company. I like the muted Christmas colors and the little rooftop design.

I also like these other three designs as well! Although that last one is a valentine, not a Christmas card. Really, I just think that the cards are really gorgeously illustrative and you all know how I feel about illustration.

(for those of you who don't know, because why would you know this? I'm a fan. 'Illustrative' is the best description one can give of the artwork I make myself.)

2. I want these agate stacking boxes from Lille in my life. And on my coffee table or shelving units. Or maybe as a kind of bookend on a bookshelf...

 We want to paint the house is kind of muted, dusty desert colors (I am thinking a brick red for the living room?) and I think boxes like these would go really well with the walls. I could also stash knick-knacks in them.

No, not new knick-knacks. I think I've been put on a knick-knack moratorium. I think I'm also supposed to stop saying the word 'knick-knack', but I truly I am a rebel and I shall say it anyway.

I could keep my interesting small things in these boxes and I could both have my piles of rocks, postcards, old coins, shells, and whatnot and could also pretend to be a minimalist... until I open them.

3. I found a list of 101 Handmade Gift Tutorials over at everythingetsy. If you're wanting to do a DIY or handmade Christmas this year (and I know a ton of people are), everythingetsy put together a seriously big list of gifts bloggers and others have come up with for ideas.

I like the sisal rope bowl, the monogrammed coffee mugs, and the locket art.

Everythingetsy also has Holiday Gift Tutorials, Green Gift Tutorials, all kinds of things. You should go click through whichever one catches your interest, because I would like other people to be in the same position I'm in of losing way too much time perusing craft ideas I'm not sure I have the energy to accomplish.

4. Speaking of craft ideas...

I want to make this wreath! I found the DIY on Family Circle, though it's not so much a set of instructions as a simple list of encouragment. I want to make it and spray it with SO MUCH fixative so I can hang it outside on my door. Tell me this isn't kind of a cool idea.

Go on, I'll wait.


That's right, you can't.

Because it is a cool idea.


5. Deer sweater! I want this awesome thing off of etsy to have for my very own. I like Christmas and winter sweaters a lot. I rarely have an excuse to wear them, though, especially now. This isn't super Christmas-y though, so I feel like I could wear this the whole time it's even remotely cool every year in South Carolina. So... November through January.

That's enough time for it to be worth buying, right?

... right?

Ah well.

A woman can dream... and this woman dreams about reindeer sweaters.

All right.

Now that you've all sat through my little holiday madness, I'll let you wander off to think about literally anything else.

But I'll still be here, plotting ways to get Christmas songs stuck in the heads of everyone I know.

I'm like a James Bond villain, if Bond villains were really dorky.


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  1. Katie! Do you have to tell EVERYONE about the year the tree stayed up so long????? And, yes, wasn't that the year we went on a Music Department trip to Florida over Christmas, and then Christina was in the hospital??? Granted, taht was in February and all, but...well...the tree WAS pretty, and I didn't get enough time to enjoy it, and...what can I say?


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