Monday, October 15, 2012

I Make Too Much Food

... an also, in a post about food, I inexplicably decide to show you a picture of fog rising into the clouds out of the mountains from our vacation.

Well, I think you'll bear with me.

So, I decided to cook right?

Well, I checked out this book from the library, because one of my primary pastimes is checking out the cookbooks that have the most pictures, drooling over recipes, and then handing them back having hardly touched them. Well, this time I decided I'd actually utilize at least one of the recipes.

So I picked this one. Meatloaf made with lean beef and really no added fat (getting some added interesting flavor from kidney beans, no less), in the book paired with a "spiced fruit salad" on the side. Sounds good enough, right?

I ran by the grocery store this morning (with a list, like an adult) and grabbed everything I thought we'd need for this week. Did I question the amount of beef it suggested I buy? No, I didn't.

No, I didn't think about why it needed a whole onion, or was going to basically drain a small bottle of ketchup. None of these questions floated past me at any point.

I'm pretty sure we've discussed before on this blog about how my sister managed to get basically all the common sense allotted to me and my siblings. The two of them got all the math ability, too. You know what I got? I can draw.

I consider it a worthwhile trade.

Who needs math anyway.

Well... maybe the person who bought all the ingredients for a recipe without ever noticing that the recipe was made to serve twelve people one serving each.

I made it anyway.

I made enough meatloaf to feed the British army circa 1778, which I would not have done were I alive then because I would be a rebel.

... or possibly have died of smallpox.

In any case, dinner was a raging success. The meatloaf was awesome and we probably ate more than our "allotted serving" and all that, and we still have enough that I don't think either one of us has to worry about making dinner for the rest of the week. I'm going to call this budget planning or something? Because that sounds better than "Whoops, I can't read serving sizes".

The spiced fruit salad, by the way, was apples and bananas cut up and tossed in lemon juice. Then you add green grapes to the mix and the whole thing gets a dressing made of nonfat plain yogurt, brown sugar, and cinnamon kind of poured over it before you eat. It is delicious.

Laundry even got done today... as well as going to my eye exam to get seen for a new pair of glasses, and getting my hair cut.

Also, I discovered that while my eyes are dilated, I'm not just sensitive to sunlight, my vision is also kinda blurry! Which is great, because I drove myself home.

Also also, on a completely unrelated note I discovered that I am a really good driver.

So did everyone else on the road!

So I definitely think today is a gold-star day.

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  1. Now that 17 has left the house for college, I am still cooking as if he were here! And he's 6 foot 7, so that gives you an idea of how much that might be. He could polish off that entire meatloaf, I bet.

    Hope the eye exam turned out okay!


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