Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ah, Now This is the Kind of Fall I'm Used To

The weather's gone cold and cloudy, with wind that blows freezing right through your clothes if you haven't layered up well enough.

It feels oddly like Illinois outside today. This is the kind of late fall weather I'm used to; cold and cutting.

We had to turn on the heat at work finally. I drank something like a gallon of coffee at work today just because I kept craving something warm.

Last night, Jason and I finally gave in and turned the heater on. We're keeping it low, at 65. I also bought a pair of fuzzy slippers that I'm probably going to wear down to adorable red heart-printed little rags by February.

I've been keeping track of friends and loved ones all along the Northeast coast; they're all fine, although some of them are currently without power and a couple are basically trapped in their houses until floodwaters recede. I was concerned we were overreacting before the storm actually hit, but now I'm beginning to wonder if we didn't underestimate it even so.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone to this storm.

I am making vegetarian chili and cornbread for dinner, and I'm going to try and remind myself to clean since we'll have a few people over, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be at resisting the lure of the warm blankets and snuggly cat on the couch over there.

Not to mention the snuggly husband.

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