Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Things - The Reclusive Female Feline Enthusiast Edition

1. Yesterday was sort of an... interesting day, in bad ways and in good. We were on the right side of town for a while, so I ran in and picked up my new glasses, since they let me know they were in.

So... glasses. They are notable to no one except me, but I like 'em and this is my blog, so they're Thing Number One.

So there.

Don't worry, everything else will be much more interesting.

I hope. I promise.

2. Family Glassware from Uncommon Goods. You get to customize and pick out a set that represents your own family, which I think is pretty cool, although I suspect that if my mother were to purchase this, she'd end up with me represented by Child 5 in the little baby outfit.

I told Jason that I want to buy him this for Christmas, only I will wrap it all up in a big box, and when he opens it he'll find one Man glass, one Woman glass, eleven Cat glasses and a notecard that just says "Soon."

Because what good is Christmas if you don't use it to show your spouse a chilling vision of the Crazy Cat Lady-to-Come he married?

3. This is the article I spoke about in an earlier post, about the artist who gathers interesting plants, presses them, and turns into a kind of collage by framing each plant individually and having it arranged just so on a surface or wall.

It's worth a read; it's an unusual version of home decor, but I found it really interesting.

I am concerned that this place may just become a spot for me to declare my love for various and sundry things that appear in Garden & Gun.

So far I've held back.

So far.

4. The Cheapskates' Guide to a Greener Home over at Natural Health. It's a list of tips and tricks to make your house a greener place to live without having to expend a lot of (or, mostly, any) money.

While we've done some things with the house - we are installing the energy-efficient bulbs, we don't turn on the heat until sweaters and blankets just don't do the trick any longer, we don't keep paper towels in the house any longer - I'm not terribly good at this greening-my-home thing when it comes to stuff like watching how much I throw out.

It's a list I think about and kind of dwell on now and then. I'd like to deeply simplify and get as many chemicals out of our house as possible. In some ways I am all about the better-livin'-through-science, but I really lean towards the more all-natural stuff.

We've switched over to using vinegar and other more natural stuff for cleaning. The upside is that our kitchen floor looks great. The downside is that it turns out vinegar makes the floor a lot more slippery than our old chemical-stuff did.

The upside to that downside is that for the first time since I was a teenager, I have taken up sock-skating.

It's awesome.

5. One of my newer friends out in that there internet world (what my mother has referred to as my Axe Murderers since I was a teenager) started a blog semi-recently. She takes Pinterest finds and tests them out, to occasionally successful (or incredibly unsuccessful) ends.

Her last few projects have worked out pretty well, and at least one of them has me plotting an idea for a friend of mine.

Her blog, Living Pinterestingly, is over here.

You should go there and amuse yourselves.

Go on! Nothing more to see here. Move along.

I'll just over here staring at this Framed Cat Blueprint and deciding whether or not I am ready to be that kind of cat owner yet.

(the answer is yes, but Jason's answer is different and noticeably not yes. Meanie.)


  1. Love the new specks! I need new ones, too. Mine (supposed to wear them all the time and NEVER wear them) just don't work right. I think they got it wrong, somehow. They give me a headache.

    Thanks for the link to the Pinterest Whisperer person, looks like a super fun blog, I have subscribed. :)

  2. It can happen! If it does, you just carry 'em back on in and tell them that there is SOMETHING off. It's happened to me before when the eye doctor didn't correct for astigmatism for some reason.

    No problem, she'll be glad to see new subscribers!

  3. Garden & Gun! I LOVE Garden & Gun, despite living in AZ. Funny, Cactus & Colt .45 just doesn't have the same ring.


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