Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Rain And Rain And Rain



  1. Very pretty picture! We haven't gotten to the point of being tired of rain yet...but it DID get down to about 40 last night. When I got up this morning, your dad had turned on the furnace!!!

  2. Oh, how glorious! The Rio Grande is dry right now, dry as a bone. I live just two blocks from the river, can walk to her banks. Usually she is torrent, is violent and caustic in her beauty. But these days she sits almost muddy, drying, drying, drying. No water runs. It is strange and scary. It has never been this bad. Enjoy the rain, you are lucky and blessed and living in a place still connected to need.

  3. Mom - 40 already?! I wonder if this winter won't be as warm as last winter...

    Birdie - Yeah, I've been worried watching all the drought news everywhere. The Midwest, where my family lives, has been especially bad, and I knew the Southwest was already on the edge. I've never been to the Rio Grande, though I'd like to see the border sometime.


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