Sunday, September 16, 2012

Then, Now, Later

 This weekend I:

ate dinner at a great Mexican place with Jason and a lovely friend
had cactus leaves and margaritas, although not together
imbibed more horchata than one person should and don't regret it
watched Frasier with Jason
discovered I can be surprised by developments in a show that aired years ago
listened to my new music nonstop
read magazines and decided on a new haircut
had a delightful, laughter-filled lunch with Jason's family
made green bean casserole (told you I was the Casserole Queen)
apparently sent several random text messages when my phone had something of a seizure and rebooted
and probably shouldn't have anything else to eat this weekend.

Right now I'm:
doing laundry
listening to music nonstop still
having Katie-time while Jason's out with some friends
lighting candles so my living room smells like what candle-makers think autumn smells like
(pumpkin pie and cinnamon, apparently?)
drinking tea.

Specifically, the tea pictured above. Without anything sweet, it's a good wake-up tea in the morning.
With plenty of milk and honey, it's the perfect relaxation technique for seven in the evening.

Tomorrow I'll:

ride my bike for a while
attempt to create something of a homemade pumpkin spice latte
run some errands
bother the cat and then wonder why she doesn't like me as much as she likes Jason
trim our wildly out-of-control bushes out front
make a haircut appointment
make an appointment to see an eye doctor for new glasses next week
hang out with Jason.

Sounds good to me.

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