Saturday, September 29, 2012


The tiniest of tiny green lizards trying in vain to find some sunlight today.
God speed, tiny lizard. If you find any, let us know.
Why, yes, I'll go ahead and join the crowd of bloggers gushing about leaves changing, a nip in the air, crisp mornings, etc and so forth and autumn and fall and so on.
I feel no shame. I love me some fall and I ain't afraid to show it.
In my defense, though, the South has odd seasonal switches. I mean, actual winter only seems to take up about three weeks in late January/early February, then we're right into spring until May, then suddenly it feels like summer to me right up until mid-September. After what seems like five straight months of baking humidity, I am so ready to be able to let fresh air in my house.
This is just a kind of shrub. Only the tops of the actual trees seems to be showing anything, and even those are just the faintest spray of yellowing or reddish edges.
I'm not worried.
I can wait.
Look, it's a spotted turtle!
Also known as what I do while watching Netflix, because it's hard for me to just let my hands be completely still while we make our current way through the entire run of Frasier. Next up - Cheers.
Also - I like turtles. Deal with it.
I mean, we all made it through the cougar picture. If we band together, I think we can make it through the turtle, too.
... and to top things off, I have decided things are a little too serious around here, so here's a photo of me stickin' my tongue out.
Because I am a classy lady.
Also, while I've got this captive audience, I would like to wish my dad a happy birthday!
I am trying to decide when to call. That may seem like a simple decision, but farmers have this thing they do in late September. You know, where they, like, harvest plants and whatnot. Makes it kind of hard to time the birthday phone-call. I'm pretty sure if I call at 6 PM Central Time exactly, I should catch him? But you can never be sure.
6 PM was dinner-time my entire life, though, and I like to think that habit holds even after my parents have become empty-nesters. Although I highly doubt they consider themselves empty-nesters; I imagine my mother considers herself blissfully free every time she realizes how quiet the house is without me any of her kids stomping around flat-footed up and down the stairs.
Actually, let me go ahead and give a shout-out to my mother for enforcing a routine dinnertime where everyone sat down to dinner at the same time. That's something I don't think I properly appreciated until adulthood, and it's actually the number one thing on my list of Things I Want to Do With My Children.
I am so ready to see my family again. So very, very ready.
87 days until the next time we're in Illinois...
but it's not like I'm counting or anything.
P.S. This week also marked the birthdays of my grandma and Jason. On Jason's side of the family, his aunt and some cousins have birthdays all in mid-to-late-September, too! Late September is just a busy time for baby-havin', apparently.


  1. Happy Birthday, Stress and Stars Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will take your humidity. Please. Oh, please. The river is dry here. I am covered in a fine patina of perma-dust. My crow's feet are extra crowy. I am tired of the dryness, but this is New Mex, what can you do? It's still hot here, in the high 80's during the day, but in the 40's at night. Layers are my friend.

    Love the pics, girl. So beautiful, what a glorious gecko. His olive cousins are here. The other day a foot long lizard of some sort rested on my bird bath. He didn't flinch when I hosed him down. I think they are used to me offering water.

  2. Must have been those Christmas!

    The leaves are really changing here, just this week. I took a look at Funks Grove on my way in to work last Monday--still basically all one color. Today it's very colorful. The days are finally cooling down after the hot hot hot summer we had.

    This mom is so proud of that picture with your tongue sticking out--so proud...

    I'm counting down the days to Thanksgiving!

  3. Mom - I count down to Thanksgiving, too. I cannot WAIT to see you and Dad in person! Maybe this time we can sneak out from the football game and go shopping or something while everyone cheers for USC or Clemson :)

  4. Birdie - On the other hand, the desert colors you get to see would definitely blow me away. I've never been to the Southwest, though it's definitely on my list of places to go as soon as we can!


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