Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today, I rode my new bike for the first time. Well, if you don't count the test ride around the parking lot at Academy Sports while my husband and my mother-in-law watched, and I don't think anyone wants to count that wobbly mess as anything.

So, today I pulled the bike out and decided to take it for a ride, since it's my late day at work. 

I got all my important bits together, grabbed a big bottle of water, dropped everything in my basket (!!!!) and decided to try it out.

Here is what I learned today:

1. Perhaps bicycling in humid swamp-weather on a very cloudy day was not my greatest idea... except of course that it felt like the worst version of a sauna ever and therefore I assume some good was done for my skin? I'm not sure if my skin agrees or disagrees with that notion. All I know is that every single time I stopped for any reason, my glasses immediately fogged up. I felt like a befuddled professor trying to get them clean.

2. The only other people bicycling on a Thursday morning are people who are serious about bicycling, and they think my jaunty cruiser is kind of amusing while they whiz by on their tiny small-frame super-serious itty-bitty-tire bikes. On the other hand, everybody on the Swamp Rabbit Trail on a weekday morning when the clouds are so low you'd swear it would rain any second (all, you know, five of us) say hi to each other. Even if they did sorta smirk at my lovely new lime-green-and-blue friend.

3. I don't even care, because my bike is the coolest bike ever, and it is perfect for me, and we are in love. It is also much, much heavier than the last bike I rode. I was not prepared for that.

Note to self: should have prepared for that.

4. There is no shame in walking your bike up a hill on the way back home, when you are panting and sweaty, after only 7 miles of riding. We have to work up to long bike rides on heavy bikes. 'We', of course, being your intrepid narrator. On the other hand, my legs are really feeling it and I only rode 7 miles. So... that's got to count for some kind of beginner's accomplishment, right?


Oh, and

5. Christmas in September rocks. Thank you, Robin and Rusty, for the new bike, helmet, and basket. Me and my bike? We're gonna have a time.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

(Name that movie, win imaginary cookies!)

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  1. Love, Love, Love the bike! It's so you!



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