Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Katies

Just got word that my friend Sarah's flight was delayed, so she won't be in the great state of South Carolina with me until tonight. In any case, she'll still be making it in this afternoon. Really, the only thing that changed is that I just realized I could have slept in until whenever I wanted, or watched cartoons, or something.


It's only ten a.m.

I can STILL go watch cartoons!

... wait.

What cartoons are even on at ten a.m. on Thursdays?

I am so out of touch with what the hip young kids are watchin' these days.

In any case, I thought I'd introduce you to the museum's gift shop mascot and queen:

I bet you thought I would just going to show you a picture of myself, huh?

Well, I may be in charge of the gift shop, but I am no queen there. Truly, it's Sova Zena here who is the true ruler. She watches to make sure I am working hard, she wears a tiny crown of little plastic fake pearls that I found on her head, and she is always scowl-y.

And if you think it's weird that I am telling you about a mascot to my gift shop that I named and gave a tiny crown, you should keep in mind that I am not the only one who thought of having Sova Zena for a mascot. My forty-eight year old male coworker is in on this, too.

Whenever he's been sitting at my desk while I'm on break, I come back and Sova Zena has her wing draped with resigned frustration over her eyes.

It seems fitting.

As for me, though...

This is the only expression I ever get.

Now, you may ask yourself why it was I was taking cell phone photos of a stuffed owl in the afternoon instead of, y'know, greeting visitors to the museum, showing them around, or answering their questions about the museum itself or the surrounding small town we're situated in? What with me working the front desk and all?

This is why:

Nonstop torrential downpour for something like an hour straight, lighting and booming thunder, enough wind to whip the standing water down the street.

Trust me; ain't nobody loves a museum so much they'll brave that.

Well, I'm sure there's someone, but they weren't in town that day.

The thing about South Carolina is, despite the part where I've been posting images of rain nearly every other day for about two weeks here, and a few on Instagram, we are still in a drought. This is good stuff, don't get me wrong, but South Carolina has been fighting a drought since before my husband even graduated high school. This is definitely helping, though.

Even if I wish there was enough to send some to save every family farm in America.

Well... I've made the guest bed, done a couple of loads of laundry, emptied and refilled the cat's litterbox, swept up the guest bathroom, and laid out various soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and whatnot like some sort of awesome hotel, I'm running the dishwasher, and I'm abuot to light some candles.

I'm going to call today accomplished, and I've only been awake for three hours.

Now I think I'll take myself up on those cartoons.


  1. I envy the rain. We're in perpetual drought here in New Mexico. I found your blog thru GOMI : )

    You're a much better woman than I, doing all of that laundry and housework. We've all given up over here, I think we're letting everything fall into dusty ruin. More time for surfing the 'net and eating, I say!

  2. If I let it fall into ruin, it's not dusty, it's a HUMID ruin. Blech! Humid ruins are the worst ruins.

    And trust me, this is the most housework I've done in two weeks ;) it takes having a guest coming to visit to get me in gear!

  3. I can imagine that a humid ruin is WORSE, yup. At least a dusty ruin doesn't rust or mold things. Except my mind, ha ha.


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