Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So... weekend.

So, I actually did take some pictures of this weekend, despite my being half-convinced I'd just be having so much fun I would forget.

Well, sort of. I mean, I remembered to take a few pictures, and then I forgot for large blocks of time, and then I would remember again. Most of my pictures are of sweaty people near bikes.

But I ran down the battery on my (woefully undercharged) camera to do so, and it seems that since the last time I had to charge the camera was before our move... somewhere there is a treasure chest with my camera charger in it. I'm not sure where it is, but I know it's in the house.


I had a good weekend!

Sarah came in on Thursday afternoon, only a couple of hours behind schedule. She'd already finished one of the books she brought with her, so we knew we'd have to hit up a bookstore before she went back, or she would run out of reading material all too quickly.

Things that happened:

Friday, I took Sarah downtown where we wandered Falls Park, got photographed by the Sav-a-Lot Road Scholars (two interns doing a cross-country public relations trip; they were really nice! also they gave us Sav-a-Lot gift cards! obviously I am the blonde in that photo and Sarah is the brunette), had lunch at Coffee to a Tea, one of my favorite downtown places to grab coffee and delicious bagel sandwiches, and generally enjoyed the day.

(Part of that day's enjoyment may or may not have involved meeting the lovely Lauren and the three of us shopping at Mast General for maple candy (for me) and other old-school candies (for them), sarsparilla and a neat purple sweater (both for me)... maybe. Maybe not.)

We ended up meeting up with some of my female friends at the mall that night for some serious shopping time, which I did not hesitate to make the most of. I had a bunch of basics to get at JCPenney, snagged some sale shoes at Payless (these shoes!), and utilized my awesome Fan of the Week discount at Fiore, which is seriously my new favorite place to get jewelry and drown myself in scarves.

Note: when we moved, we discovered that I, a self-declared tomboy, own more shoes than my deeply girly friend Sarah F., who is a saint and a woman who wears heels often. This amuses me. On the other hand, she owns more dresses than I have owned my entire life combined... so I'll call that a draw.

Saturday, we met up first thing in the morning with some friends, rented some bikes from Reedy Rides and rode the Swamp Rabbit Trail from downtown Greenville up to Travelers' Rest, had lunch at the Cafe at Williams Hardware, and then rode back again. It was an 18 mile bike ride, my personal best so far even if it's a pitiful little number to people who actually ride bikes regularly.

At lunch, there were eleven of us. We were officially some kind of bicycle gang.  I expected us to break into dance and start snapping our fingers at any moment.

Although only Liz actually spontaneously burst into dance.

I would say we were pretty formidable, except that some of us rode bikes a whole lot faster than others so we were never together for long while actually riding. Our actual groups in action rarely numbered more than four, which definitely still counts, but you have to admit that four people are less likely to intimidate than eleven. Four people make you wave and smile; eleven make you a little bit nervous.

Jason fell over three times, because he has not ridden a bike in over a decade, and this bike was more than a touch temperamental. My bike was fine, except that it really didn't like fourth gear and it turns out that fourth gear is my favorite gear. So... we had some disagreements about that.

I had decided to have an egg salad sandwich for lunch, since nothing else was really tripping my trigger (except for the peanut butter pie that Sarah had at lunch. I reeeeeeeally could have done some damage to that) and I don't know if it was just the extra burst of energy my muscles put into trying to end the bike ride as quickly as possible to save themselves or not, but on the way back I ended up riding even faster than I had on the way to lunch.

I'm hoping to take up regular bicycle riding as an exercise thing, because bicycle riding is the only kind of exercise that has really remained fun for any length of time to me. We'll see how this goes. The trail actually comes within a very short distance of our house, so it wouldn't be hard to just hop on and go for a ride.

Afterwards everyone split up to go home and take SO MANY SHOWERS. Because we were all kind of ew.

 Saturday night, my friend Sherrie threw a dinner party of sorts for some folks full of delicious foods and I was able to make my awesome Honeysuckle Moonshine drink recipe for Sarah... but then I ran out of moonshine. So I suppose we'll be a-trottin' on over to Dark Corner Distillery pretty soon to stock back up.

Sunday was blissfully, mercifully unplanned. We went to the bookstore for Sarah, ogled the kittens and puppies at Petsmart, ogled lawn mowers at Lowe's, and ogled bicycles and clothing at R.E.I. All in all, it was all just a nice relax-y oglin' time.

 It was also Eat Like a Kid Day for us, apparently. I had oatmeal squares cereal for breakfast, we had grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches for lunch, frozen yogurt for a snack, and pizza for dinner.

I won't lie; I very much enjoy Eat Like a Kid Day. It is the best kind of food day.

Monday, I drove Sarah back to the airport. The drive back was a little bit lonely.

So that was my thoroughly awesome weekend, which I totally have pictures for, only you can't see them because I sort of killed my camera and cannot find the battery charger to resurrect it with.

Now I am settling back into the regular way of things. I finished the last library book I was working on (along with reading a short but moving book I finished in about four hours), and now I'm starting this book.

Today was pretty busy at work; lots of paperwork to catch up on, one of my vendors came in to switch our her current inventory and let me choose some new things to showcase, we had some people in testing our alarms which meant ear-shattering high pitches for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

But now I am home. We have eaten breadsticks and amazing salad Jason made, we need to unpack our house still, and I kind of need to sweep.

Ah... routine.

It'd be relaxing if it didn't involve so much doing stuff.

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