Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Singin' in the Rain

It started dumping buckets of rain just after I finished my lunch.

Because I am a mature and responsible adult, I decided to grab an umbrella and go run around in it while I still had a few minutes left. Please ignore whatever it is my hair is doing up there, because really my hair makes its own choices completely independent of me.

Sometimes I see pictures of myself and think that I look like my father.

I don't know how I feel about this.

There is nothing like taking a break out of your grown-up workday to go jump in mudpuddles and watch frogs and tadpoles swim around under the surface of a pond the sky is just pouring on.

Simply nothing at all.

I try to run around the garden as often as I can, since I usually am done with food about halfway in, but often I get so distracted reading my book that I don't realize I've finished eating until my hour is almost up.

Not today; today I went outside and I had a time.

I began to debate staying out here until they finally had to drag me back in.

 It'd just be me and the frogs, singin' in the rain instead of answering the phone, puddle-jumping instead of number-crunching, taking photos instead of sticking stamps on envelopes.

Just me and the frogs.

Then there was a bright flash of lightning and thunder followed on its heels.

Well, I abandoned those frogs to their thunder-y fate and went right back inside.

I had been out for less than five minutes. 

I have not gone out again.

This is, of course, because I am a grown-up and mature and etc and so forth, and it is totally not because I hate thunderstorms and have an irrational fear of them.


Not me.

I just wanted to get back to addressing those envelopes that badly.

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