Monday, August 6, 2012

No Time to Chill

I'm not going to lie, you guys.

I had a really good weekend...

and I have absolutely no photos of quality to show for it. Part of the problem is that my weekend was so good that I didn't really feel like pausing to take photos, except for roughly one time, and when I did that it was too bright for the pictures to be any good, really and plus I was still having such a good time I wasn't trying very hard to get good pictures.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

The Order of Awesome Stuff goes as follows;

Friday we met some friends for Monterrey's, margaritas, and then giggling on their couch until we finally had to make our excuses to leave so I wouldn't be completely useless at work on Saturday morning. I was a little cranky, but sufficiently useful if I do say so myself.

Sunday we met a buddy downtown and ate brunch/lunch/whatever at Ford's Oyster House, using the gift card that the Greenville Convention & Visitor's Bureau sent me. Jason had the brunch buffet, which he described at delicious and totally worth it. Things I know I saw on his plate (briefly, before he ate them); a pecan muffin thing, shrimp and grits, steamed oysters, bleu cheese, chicken and waffles, and little breakfast biscuits with some kind of pork in them. Justin had jambalaya with sausage, shrimp, and chicken (also delicious-looking) and I had a spinach salad topped with fried oysters, some parmesan cheese, and some kind of dressing that had bacon in it. I do recommend Ford's highly - especially because they serve oysters! I am the biggest proselytizer for oysters, let me tell you Internet.

It was a really good time! The three of us ended up exploring Rock Quarry Garden, a pre-Civil War granite quarry that's been turned into this neat sort of hidden gem just outside of downtown Greenville. It has a stone bridge, a waterfall area full of rocks to clamber around on, and an area to the side with kind of a small cove of bamboo. It seems to be a popular site for wedding/engagement/maternity photography.

We ended up meeting a third friend, hanging out for a bit with tea (and water!), showing the guy's the new house, and then going our separate ways.

I am ridiculously sunburned from Sunday. My shoulders are so very, very red. So... lobster-like, really...

I keep thinking one day I will tan instead of burn. I don't know why I think that.

Today I met my friends Liz and Lauren for coffee and lunch at Barnes & Noble (along with my friend Jenn, who works there and we were able to snag on her lunch break), and then we drove out to a frozen yogurt place and it was just so much good weekend time. I am overwhelmed and just want to rest.

Which is kinda funny, since I am going to go to work for two days and then take another weekend when my long-time friend Sarah will be flying into town... so that's another awesome weekend. A very long awesome weekend, since I'm driving up to snag her from the airport on Thursday and she'll be leaving Monday. I love very long awesome weekends.

After that, though, we are going to take a break from awesome weekends, and settle for quietly content and frugal weekends so that Jason and I can start saving up for our long weekend coming up in October. And then after that our hopefully long week in Illinois for Christmas.

My parents are leaving for their cruise to Alaska tomorrow, so I'd like everybody to sort of send good vibes into the universe for their safe return. I am a worrier (if all the anxiety posts hadn't, y'know, clued you in to that... or maybe you're new) so I will be biting my nails nonstop, but I know they're going to have a great time. This vacation has been a long time coming for them... I know they've been discussing the Alaska cruise at least since we went on our family cruise back when I was 18.

I'll see if I can't cobble together another couple of blog posts before Sarah gets here... after Thursday, all bets are off on whether I'll be able to take photos, or if it'll be a repeat of this weekend where I write it down for posterity because I got nothin' to show you except my words.

Oh, and that flower up there.

But then I took that photo last week at work, so...


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