Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awesome in Two Ways Today

Four years ago today, on a blistering hot August day in southern Illinois, I married the man to the far left in this picture. The best decision either of us could have made, I think, in choosing our marital alliance.

Together, we could rule the world!

We'll settle for ruling the plot of land and the house we just bought, though, and eventually ruling dogs and small children and then sullen teenagers.

I'm sure, looking at the above photo, you're likely thinking to yourself that I could have chosen a more romantic photo to represent my wedding day; and in the past I have. But this is my second-favorite photo from my entire wedding, not just because we're making faces but because this is my wedding party, and we are having a great time.

Later, some of us may or may not have drunk too much wine before speech time, and those speeches may or may not live in infamy and get brought up repeatedly every single chance I get, or at least until I forget about it again because I may have also had too much wine before speech time.

In any case, this is my annual chance to tell you how cool Jason is, and how I love him. So there you go. Aren't you glad we had this talk?

Speaking of awesome things, by the way -

I am active on Twitter, which likely surprises no one who pays any attention to the front of my page since my twitter feed is on there. This is a very odd sentence to write, and I find it very cool how words like twitter and feed change over time, with technological advancement. Someday etymologists will examine these rapid changes with some fascination.

But that's not really what I want to talk about.

Although now it kind of is.

But, back on track!

I kind of tend to come and go on it, but lately I've been following lots of Greenville-centric feeds, and some of them followed me back. I've been posting on twitter (and facebook, and everywhere else I can get my little claws into) basically nonstop about the move and the house-buying, and recently I received a reply from the twitter for the Greenville Convention & Visitor's Bureau wishing us a happy move and asking about our time in Greenville thus far.

We ended up having a good conversation about it being, essentially, my two-year anniversary since the move to Greenville (almost on the same day as my wedding two years prior to that). They offered their congratulations, and then asked me if they could send me some things as a kind of anniversary gift for living here.

This is what I received:

Two Greenville pens, a notepad with a congratulations written on it, and that silver thing back there is a really neat coffee/water thermos with the Greenville city logo on it! Add to that, something indescribably cool; they sent me a gift card, so that Jason and I could try out somewhere new to eat!

Jason and I spent most of last night, after I got the package, just occasionally looking at each other and repeating, "That is really cool," before going back to whatever it is we were doing. Then, fifteen minutes later, "... isn't that really cool?" And so on and so forth.

Completely out of the blue they sent me some cool stuff, and I am very seriously appreciative. I can add this to my 'Greenville stuff' haul; I current have a mug and a magnet and will soon be adding a T-shirt to the collection.

 I'd like to say thanks to the Greenville Convention & Visitor's Bureau for the gifts and the well wishes!

I picked the right city to buy a house in, clearly.


  1. We think you are pretty awesome too! Thanks for the kind words and we are LUCKY to have such wonderful residents like you and your husband :)

  2. You are absolutely welcome, and the words are well-deserved! Greenville has been very, very good to us (and my husband's family comes from here, but really Greenville has been very good to us for a couple of generations at this point).


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