Thursday, August 30, 2012

Art & Water Drops

I love Thursdays. Even though I have to go in to work, I don't have to leave until nearly 11:30, giving me plenty of time to hang out, relax, and have this house to myself. I could, of course, choose to use this time to be productive. Being who I am, of course, I don't.

What I'm doing instead this morning is scrolling through the websites of some of my favorite artists, trying to get my art-brain working. I did a bit of sketching yesterday, sketching I was actually somewhat happy with, so I'm trying to get my head back in the right place to really get involved in working on these sorts of things again.

A couple of the artists and galleries I'm clicking around on today:

Kelli Davis, whose work is sweet, offbeat, and her colors just a little bit muted. If you want to really fall in love with her stuff, though, go look at the animations she's done. "Birds of a Feather" is my favorite.

Lawrence Yang's "Giraffe Mountain". It's ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper. I love Yang's stuff. His use of color is great; sometimes bright, sometimes muted, but always really suited to the mood of the piece, and his stuff is always just a little bit silly. Look at that tree up there. That is my favorite tree.

Johanna Ost's koi tattoo design. I've been following Johanna Ost's art for years, and it's been fun to watch her evolve and change over time.

Little Red, by Katie Ryan. Katie Ryan is actually one of my top ten favorite artists, mostly because she uses this freedom of line that I aspire to. This particular piece I like mainly for the trees, the red of the riding hood, the torn hem of the dress.

This piece by Cory Godby. Cory Godby is actually a local artist based in Greenville, and I first saw his stuff at last year's Indie Craft Parade. His pieces reference fairy tales, mainly, or at least a world in which the concepts in fairy tales are real. My favorite pieces actually have his version of giants in them, but today I wanted to look at the indigo blue and the way he painted the light from the golden apple the girl is holding.

I think we'll go ahead and end with something that is perfectly silly and happens to me all the time:

From Marc Johns' blog, which is entitled Serious Drawings and which is anything but. His things are a reminder that if you're not enjoying yourself at all or having a good time, there really isn't any point to creating art... you're just creating visual misery at that point.

So if I start to get stressed, I hop over to Marc Johns' site, and I smile, and then I remember that I do this because I love it, not because I have to.

Also, I found the perfect water droplet on a leaf after it rained a little yesterday morning at work.

That is all.

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