Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Things - Art, Tomatoes, & Sappiness

1. I know I already mentioned these on Instagram, but I would like to reiterate my love for this teal-and-ivory scarf and this little asymmetric bird necklace I was able to snag on serious sale at Fiore.

Mostly I wanted to share this because I think the tiny golden bird is adorable. And also because I like the color red.

... and also blue.

Also purple.

I just like colors.

2. The Indie Craft Parade is coming up!

This is one of my absolute favorite Greenville things. The Huguenot Mill is just behind the Peace Center downtown, and a bunch of local artists, photographers, and craftspeople absolutely pack the building for a weekend. They set up vendor stalls and there is live music and food/drink as well. Were I a woman of incredible wealth, I would probably bring home a truckload of stuff from the Indie Craft Parade.

This year it's September 7th, 8th, and 9th. Unfortunately I can't go Saturday, what with me having a job that likes me to actually be there on the days I'm scheduled to work, but I'll most likely drag Jason (and as many other people as possible) with me Sunday. 

I love this because you don't just see painters or photographers - you see people who make their own jewelry, mugs, beaded/braided rugs, terrariums, prints, T-shirts (I bought my current favorite super-soft T-shirt from a group called parachute here last year), and there was a stall that did customized blue jeans made to your exact specifications. On top of that, the artists and craftspeople involved are mainly within my generation. It's always good to wallow in what other artists my age in this town are up to, especially since I myself have been pretty lax since we moved to Greenville and I'm looking for some inspiration.

I took photos of the things we saw last year? But I took some pretty terrible photos because I was too excited to hold still, so... forgive the quality, there.

Imagine giving a puppy a camera and then showing them a cat just out of reach, and that's about where my brain was.

3. The other day, while running errands, I stopped by the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery, which is probably officially my new favorite place to buy coffee because they are always rockin' the Jamaican Me Wild/Crazy flavor and I'm not ashamed to say that anything that has "Kahlua" as part of its flavor profile is all right by me...

Wait. Got distracted. Back on track.

In any case, they have local vegetables, too, and I grabbed from avocados and peaches. I remembered that Jason had told me once that my father-in-law grew beefsteak tomatoes and Jason thought they had a really good flavor, so I grabbed a couple of those, too.

When I arrived home that night, I mentioned to Jason what kind of tomatoes I had bought.

He came over and hugged me, thanked me, and pointed out that it was really cool that I had thought to get a specific brand of tomatoes based on a conversation we had so far back that neither one of us is 100% sure when it happened.

It made him happy, so it made me happy to buy it for him.

In short, that was my 'we are so sappy when we're home, you guys don't even know, count your blessings that we reign it in in public' story.

4. This gorgeous family of owls by Annya Kai:

 I love her stuff because she uses seriously vibrant color (which shouldn't surprise any of you), and she does some of the most painfully adorable owl designs I've ever seen. All of her prints are really affordable, too, which makes me happy; so many artists overprice even their prints until it's difficult to get them to sell. I plan to lay waste to this woman's print collection whenever we have to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a nursery.

This giraffe print is absolutely perfect, too. You can find all sorts of awesome over at her Etsy shop.


I need a giant well of money.

5.  Jason and I went on a walk tonight, pushing ourselves to go farther than we have been going. We ended up walking a little over five miles in all, and I took some pictures, although it was starting to get to that part of the evening where nothing I shoot is in focus thanks to the rapidly dimming light.

I managed to get a few pretty decent shots, but overall it wasn't a terrible successful evening, so far as photography goes.

I was able to capture this moment, though:

I think that shot alone makes the whole thing worth it.


  1. Those are all great things, except for #3. No tomatoes in the fridge! It ruins their flavor! I am from NJ, so I know these things. Trust me.

  2. I did not know that! I was assuming tomatoes would go bad if they WEREN'T in the fridge. Will they still keep, just in a basket on the counter?


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