Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things I'm Thinking About

Coffee I'm Drinking: Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Jamaican Me Crazy (the best conceivable flavored coffee - Kahlua, Vanilla, and Caramel flavors).


Even if my coworker doesn't like flavored coffees so I end up making coffee twice every morning...

Totally worth it.

Book I Just Finished: Prophet's Prey, by Sam Brower. It's a non-fiction look into Mr. Brower's involvement, as a private investigator, into the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints - not Mormons, but an offshoot cult invented in the 20th century) and the eventual arrest and imprisonment of the so-called prophet Warren Jeffs.

It was a pretty good read. If you're interested in this kind of nonfiction, Jon Krakauer, one of the best nonfiction writers I've read lately, also wrote a pretty good book called Under the Banner of Heaven that dealt with murder committed within the FLDS.

 I'm beginning to think I wear those orange shoes too much - they seem to appear in an awful lot of photos of me lately...

Book I Just Began: Handling the Undead, by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Lindqvist is one of my favorite authors of all time.

He takes very cliched horror tropes - the ghost story, the vampire, the zombie - and kind of flips them on their heads entirely, makes them something new. So far I have loved every single book. I checked Handling the Undead out from the library, but I'm thinking I will probably own it very soon...

Music I Wish I Was Listening To: Songs for Unusual Creatures, by Michael Hearst. I heard a radio piece on this new album on NPR and I am pretty much enchanted. I actually liked it so much I am willing to liken its affect on me to a magic spell, because clearly some sort of sorcery was involved.

These are little instrumental songs inspired by (and from the point of view of) some of the earth's weirdest animals. This music is as odd as it sounds, and it is so good. I have had one of the songs stuck in my head for two days, and I'm not even annoyed.

That's how fun it is.

Reason I Am Smiling: Turquoise and orange and this is the most comfortable sweater ever.

Also that despite it being 92 degrees outside (and feeling ike 99 degrees, and let's just add 50% humidity to that), the air conditioning in this building means that I can wear this sweater all day without sweating myself to death.

Very bright colors + new books (thanks to the library) + weird animals + coffee = a bright, surprisingly (and more than a little suspiciously) enthusiastic day.

I was in a terrible mood yesterday for no reason at all, I decided around 8:15 this morning that today would be different. So far, I am totally successful.

Jason is making dinner tonight, and he won't tell me what it's going to be. Only that it's "from his childhood" and "a surprise" and he knows I hate surprises, but I shall be patient until all is revealed.

I peeked, though.

Cream of Mushroom soup is involved somehow.

And probably sorcery.

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