Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Revenge of the Return of the Flames on the Side of my Face

I sounded all upbeat and optimistic in my last post, didn't  I? After our original frustration with the lenders, we were able to set a new closing date, all was well, angels and so forth and la la la happiness.

It turns out my optimism was just a wee bit misplaced.

We received another phone call last night from our lender.

The problem is, in three simple words, private mortgage insurance. The problem is on our lender's end, because they waited until the last minute to apply for PMI (their last PMI application was put in literally two days before our original scheduled close) and now we're waiting for the PMI company to get back to them. We are learning for the first time that this was apparently what caused the delay last time, too.

Last night's phone call gave us the disappointing news that our lenders here in SC had not yet heard back from the PMI company in California, were not likely to hear back from them until Monday (our lender called us at nearly 9 PM last night, when the California company was closing for the day). Not hearing from them until Monday would mean that there wouldn't be sufficient time to get the close done Monday, even in the afternoon like we had planned.

So, you wonder, what day shall our close be now?

To be frank, we're wondering the same thing.

Nobody knows!

It's very exciting.

It could be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday... could be anytime next week!

It'll be like a surprise party.

If I sound angry, well... it's because I really am. We have taken care of literally every single detail on our end short of actually getting new drivers' licenses to reflect the address change. We are prepared. We have done everything except start actually moving. I made lists. I checked things off those lists. I was a responsible adult and anyone who knows me at all knows how hard it is for me to keep that kind of thing up for long.

One of the last things I said to my lender was, "You know we need a place to live a week from Monday, right? This is not just a delay, we have to be out of this apartment, with it totally empty and cleaned, by the 31st. We cannot keep doing this."

Really, we were warned about delays. We just didn't realize that they would start happening two days before we were meant to be able to start moving things in. We had kind of expected things to happen along the schedule planned, at least by this point in the proceedings, especially since we're dealing with professionals who do this kind of thing for a living and have been doing it for years and, in some cases, decades.

I feel like sending some kind of apology to the sellers explaining all this. "Here are some flowers. I promise we want to buy your house and we are trying as hard as we can to give you money! Love, Katie and Jason."

I'm really not that worried. We are nothing if not surrounded by family and friends, some of whom have given us a standing offer for whatever help we may need. Come Hell or high water, we will have a place to sleep after the 31st no matter what. I tell myself that, and it helps me feel grateful for everything we have in our lives that has gone right.

I wanted to end on that note, because as angry as I am and as much as I have gone over and over and over this in my mind, we are incredibly lucky people.

We dragged ourselves out of the two years of grinding poverty we got stuck in back in Carbondale, we had enough money saved when we moved to South Carolina that we could have survived, albeit in a lean fashion, for six months if we couldn't find jobs right away, in two years we saved up enough money for a down payment for a house, the lenders approved our actual loan very quickly, our families are endlessly supportive and loving, our friends are fantastic... we are very lucky.

I'd just like some of that luck to rub off on the house thing right now, if it won't throw off the balance of the universe.


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