Monday, July 16, 2012

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Today, this happened.

My friends Lauren, Liz, and I went a-ridin' on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I rented a bike from Reedy Rides because I don't own my own bike (yet). Reedy Rides is where Lauren works and she is an expert cyclist, so she helped me pick out what I was interested in. Also you should totally rent bikes from Reedy Rides because they have the best employees who are super cool and I am totally not biased.

I was interested in the bike with the basket, because I am practical and clearly have good priorities. I also happened to pick out the right kind of bike for me, I think. It's called a cruiser.

Most importantly, though, it had a basket.

Anyway, we did fifteen miles altogether on the trail. After our first two miles, we took a quick break to hit up the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery, where I had never been, to have some coffee and chatty times and ooh and aaaah over organic vegetables and the cheese from Happy Cow Creamery. Then we rode clear over to Furman University, where we took another short break to go stand out by the lake and enjoy sunshine and ducks who are clearly way too trusting.

Also, a turtle that way too trusting.

Technically two turtles, although I didn't get a photo of the other one... and also a snake, but the snake was actually attempting to slither away from us, so I don't think he was too trusting. He was probably just suspicious enough.

Sorry for the awful photo; I have to take all my photos on my phone because I can't seem to locate my camera's battery charger. I put it in a very safe place, but the problem is that it's so safe I can't find it. This is a pattern in my life.

After burning off a couple of calories, we decided to earn them all right back by eating at Carolina Ale House for lunch. In my defense, I had a salad!

... and also had a Buffalo chicken appetizer all to myself.

But... salad! Salads count!

We hit up Pedal Chic, a female-focused bicycle and bicycle-accessories store in downtown Greenville that I always want to go in, but since I usually have Jason with me I've just never really felt like it was the right time. Today, with three girls and all the time in the world? It was the right time. Everything in there was super cute and kinda made me wish I was more into bicycling.

Although that seems to be where this is heading, since Lauren and Liz extracted a promise from me that I will go again, next time there is biking.

Apparently this is going to be a thing I do often.

... I'm okay with this, as long as I get the bike with the basket.

I have rewarded myself for my hard days' work with an iced latte and a trip to the library, and now I just need to cool down for a bit before Jason gets home from work.

You know what, I have just one more thing to add.






  1. Ha! Expert cyclist! You give me entirely too much credit. I'm so excited about the new place and our camping party which is totally happening!

  2. ... Look, I'm not sure about the camping party.

    But I think I could be fed enough s'mores to change my mind.


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