Monday, July 30, 2012


A wonderful thing just happened. The nice Charter man just showed up to hook up our internet and get us back on Xbox Live, which means we can get back on Netflix! I am once again connected with the events of the outside world through my computer screen, and connected again to reruns of Frasier, which is really the most important of the two.

Saturday was... Saturday was crazy. At 9 AM, Jason and I loaded up his truck and my car with the first serious loads of stuff; Jason carried box after box after box of insanely heavy books, I carried all the green and orange storage crates I'd collected back in Carbondale, when we lived in places where they thought two small cabinets was serious storage space.

The last fleeting gasp of our old apartment:

Jason's dad Rusty made it to the new house before we did, and started mowing the grass for us. It'd been left to grow and go to seed since a few weeks before we officially bought this place, so cutting the grass is a special chore since it's something like eight inches tall now. Or it was, before a combination of Rusty and Jason got two-thirds of it back down to size.

Our friend Josh showed up, and we were able to really get things going in earnest. A few car loads later, we had our first glimpse of what it's going to look like with our stuff inside the house.

Uh... probably not exactly like that, though.

Most of the kitchen things have been put away. I've been able to empty some of the plastic storage containers we've had to use for years as apartment dwellers. They await their future lives as holders for art supplies, but what's most important is that we don't need them to hold food or measuring cups or anything anymore.

Once we had moved everything that really needed to be out of the place, we declared it quittin' time and came back to the new house, where my friend Sarah (Josh's wife, occasional food blogger here, and candidate for sainthood) hit up Fresh Market and brought us a feast of sandwiches, veggie salads, cookies, and fresh lemonade.

Did I mention she's a saint?

After Rusty, Josh, and Sarah had left for the day, Jason and I got down to the nitty gritty of forcing our tired aching legs to keep moving long enough to really accomplish some things. We were able to get the bed up quickly (which of course made the cat the happiest cat ever, since we could finally let her out of the room we'd had her hidden in all day to keep as much of the stress off her back as possible), Jason set up the bookshelves and TV, and I did the most important thing:

 I unpacked the books.

 It is one of the most calming things in the world for me, taking out pile after pile of books, settling myself in and just deciding where they go. By the time I was done, I ached, but it felt like I was home.

Yesterday, I went over to the old apartment around 9:45ish, armed with a giant iced vanilla latte and a lot of determination, and started to clean. Sarah, Saint of Clean, showed up shortly thereafter and showed me tricks I didn't even know. Jason came over once he'd done as much mowing as one man can stand in a day, bearing Sarah's iced caffeine, and the three of us attacked our old place with ferocity. We left it looking quite similar to how it looked when we moved in.

Then we had dinner with Sarah's mom, who fed me tequila and beer and I love her. 

My takeaway from the weekend has been that A. moving sucks, which we knew already after having moved all of our things seven times in eight years since we first went to SIUC together, and B. Josh and Sarah are the living embodiment of all that is good in mankind. 

Jason's parents brought us a coffee table and some of Jason's things that were still being stored at his parents' house, and are letting us borrow the lawn mower until we can get our own. What did I say about how awesome the people I know are? I think I said they are super awesome.

This morning, I had the first cup of coffee I've made since we moved, and it felt perfect, even though I had no milk or sugar and had to improvise with some coconut/almondmilk and brown sugar, which by the way is a weird and not entirely pleasant taste.

I am about to run my errands for the day, now that the Charter man has come and gone.

I need to drop off our old keys with the apartment complex, get some groceries and gas, and then I can just... settle down for a while. We may be unpacking for the next month straight, but this is home.

Home is where the coffee mug says your name.

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  1. Did you get lost in that big house? It must seem like a mansion compared to the apartment!


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