Monday, July 23, 2012

Good And Bad

Bad: Today is no less stressful than last Friday.

Good: All our books are packed!

Bad: We are voracious readers who depend heavily on our books, so now we have nothing to read without very, very frequent library runs.

Good: I love the library!

Bad: Uh, there isn't a bad. I just love the library.

Good: We are a lot further along than it seems like, since so much stuff was never able to be unpacked from the last move!

Bad: That means that stuff has been sitting in boxes for two years and I should probably get rid of it.

Good: If I get rid of it, that means more space for new things!

Bad: I think Jason will disagree with me on that.

Good: Our apartment complex is run by very nice, accomodating people.

Bad: The reason I know that is that I had to call them to ask and see if we could pro-rate an extra week past the end of our lease, just in case.

Good: We heard back from the PMI people today!

Bad: They did not say yes OR no, but rather wanted a couple of extra forms filled out that they stated they would get to the HR people where I work.

Good: My HR people got the forms this morning.

Bad: They... haven't touched them. I just spoke to HR and they've been really busy and have barely looked at them since they came in.

Good: They promised they'd get them sent out by tomorrow morning!

Bad: That takes yet one more day away from our possible closing schedule, which means Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday IF God is kind and the universe doesn't get a very dark sense of humor.

Good: I did laundry today, which means I'll be able to pack up all but the 15% of my clothing I'll be wearing to work this week.

Bad: I don't even know yet if I can plan to lay out  moving clothes for Saturday or not.

Good: The Post Office acknowledged that our mail should start forwarding on the 30th as planned! And they are not holding our mail too early, but we just haven't gotten any this week.

Bad: We don't even know if we'll be in the house yet anymore. And I am jonesin' for some magazines that should be coming within the next couple of weeks.


Bad: I have no idea when, and the people in charge of working that out don't know when either, and they seem to be getting more and more offended each time we point out that it's kind of important that we know that.

Good: My work has no problem with  me having to take days off this weekend, even though I can't yet tell them exactly what days and won't know until probably 24 hours beforehand at this point.

Bad: Those are vacation days I was hoping to use for when we visit Illinois at Christmas.

Good: A week from Thursday, we will have been married for four years.

Bad: No bad. Only awesome marriage awesomeness.

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  1. Bad: "Those are vacation days you were hoping to use for when you visit Illinois at Christmas"...

    Good: nothing good about that! Well, nothing as far as visiting Illinois at Christmas. I guess the good is that you will be moving!


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