Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, we were finally able to nail down a closing time! Hence my cautiously optimistic thumbs-up there! The great expanse of my forehead is explained only by pointing out that it is just too freaking hot in the state of South Carolina to even allow hair to touch my skin at this point.

Although you'll notice that my hair, wily as ever, is attempting to escape even the confines of both ponytail holder and headband up there.

Ah, well. You can't control a wild animal, and my hair definitely counts as such.

Or maybe I do?

You know what, don't answer that question.

 Tomorrow we're going to meet with the attorney, the sellers, their agent, our agent, lots of agents is what I'm getting at here. I am going to give the attorney a check, the largest check I will ever have had my hands physically on in my life. We will probably make small talk before we get down to business. I will probably bite my nails like crazy or have to hold them in my lap the whole time. Lots of paper will be signed.

Then Jason and I will go outside and try not to break into dance moves right outside the office.

I promise nothing.

By this time tomorrow night, we will be homeowners. Terrified homeowners who have no idea what the next step is, beyond sticking all our stuff in the new place and trying to figure out how to fill all that space. 
 Oh, and also where we put whatever necessity it is we need right that second and didn't realize we would need until it was helpfully taped in a box.

 I've taken tomorrow off, so that I can spend my day throwing stuff in boxes and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen. Vacuuming is pretty useless until we get all the boxes and furniture out, so I won't worry about that until Saturday when we do our last run.

I am really looking forward to that victory pizza we're going to eat Saturday night. It will be some seriously triumphant pizza. I may put a blue ribbon on myself as I eat it.

Well... I hope this weekend goes smoothly. I think this is the last blog entry you'll get from me until the nice man from Charter comes to connect our service in the new place on Monday. Then I will show you so many photos of boxes.

So. Many. Boxes.


  1. And photos of house...many photos of house...

    So exciting! Even I haven't ever actually bought a house!

  2. I demand video of celebratory dancing!!!


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