Saturday, July 7, 2012

Captain Obvious

I took these photos on my phone, when I first came in to work.

I always come in early to make myself some coffee and listen to the radio, but I found myself distracted by the condensation on the windows.
I am an easily distracted kind of person.

Ask my friend Jamin about being on a walk downtown with Jason and I, and having to stop so I could take photos of a particularly cool leaf I saw on the sidewalk.

Actually, let's not ask Jamin about that.

Let's just hope he doesn't remember.

I regret nothing; that leaf had a really interesting color pattern.

See? This is what I mean about being super distractable.

Anyway, the whole point of this silly little note was to ask everyone a question.

So, on this blue skies and sunshine kind of morning...

D'you think maybe it's just a wee bit humid today?

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