Friday, July 27, 2012


We sat down with the attorney, the sellers, the agents, and we signed ALL the papers... and we are homeowners!

It was ridiculous in the way the last week and a half of everything to do with this house has been ridiculous, though; they kept changing the HUD numbers right up until the last minute, so the attorney was printing things out while we we were sitting at the table talking through what we had. The money wasn't even in the account in time, despite the fact that I had been informed they should have had all the necessary money as of 3:30, but they didn't get it there before 5 PM and then said they wouldn't send it over because it was after 5.

FINALLY, though, everything was settled enough for us to take the deed to our brand new (to us) house and be on our very merry way!

We stopped by the apartment to get some of the larger rubbermaid tubs, threw them in the back of the truck, and headed over to the new place so that we could change the locks.

Say hello to some very blurry new homeowners and the deed to their new house! Which they are standing in! And it's kind of dark because the sun was going down, hence the blurry.

While we were over, we decided to go ahead and have our very first meal in the new house!

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic DeLite pizza, a salad that came with it, and some Dr. Wham! which is like Dr. Pepper if it hit you in the head with a 2 x 4.

We've already prepared the room we're going to stick the cat in first thing tomorrow morning, so she can be hiding and worrying herself in safety while we move things in and out. We have blankets laid out, and some of the big rubbermaid tubs in there for her to hide behind. Because we're the kind of cat owners who prepare a room for their cat by building her a freaking blanket fort.

Now there is still a bunch of loose... stuff... in this house. There are two remaining unpacked boxes for us to utilize, and once those are gone it's time for the garbage bags marked with duct tape to make their appearance.

I know I said that the last entry would be the final one before our internet gets hooked up Monday, but I was so excited about that delicious pizza I thought I would share with you guys our first meal in our new house!

Tomorrow, the move.

Sunday, finishing touches.

Monday, our internet gets hooked up and I give back the keys to this place that's been my home for two years.

I'll be honest, you guys; I'm not going to miss this shoebox at all.

Well, except for the pond with all the ducks.

I'll definitely miss the ducks.

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