Monday, June 18, 2012

This Is Not Trash

This is not trash.

These two garbage bags (Hefty does a recycled-plastic grocery bag now! Pretty cool, except that the ties are noticeably weaker) are not filled with paper, or plastic, or any of the waste that people end up tossing out every day.

Except that I am tossing out what's in these bags.

Yesterday, I spent what is frankly a surprising amount of my time on the first Moving Project I made for myself. Well, the second moving project, but the first I actually finished. 

So we're going to pretend it was the first.

I took every piece of clothing I had in this house, dumped it all in one gigantic heap on the bed, and then sifted through to figure out what I thought I could stand to lose from my wardrobe. Out went corduroy jackets in bright neon red from when I worked at Christopher & Banks, out went a red hooded sweatshirt that I have had literally since I was 12 years old (that I'm pretty sure my sister gave me as a hand-me-down so it's even older than that), out went T-shirt after T-shirt after T-shirt that I don't wear anymore. Out went pants I haven't worn in years, jeans I'd long since replaced but kept around "just in case".

I have these hoarding tendencies that I'm working on controlling. They come out the most when it comes to books and clothing. The 'pack up a box of books to give away' project is coming soon, but I'm not looking forward to that at all.

In any case, yesterday was a success,and this is the end result - two trash bags absolutely full of clothing that will make some other nice person very happy, but which I simply do not need any longer.

I am going to take these trash bags, and I am going take them over to Goodwill or to one of the clothing donation bins in the Walmart parking lot, and I am going to give them to someone else who will give them a more useful life than I ever did.

I told Jason he would be proud of how much I convinced myself to part with, and I think he was.

Granted, he probably would've been prouder if I hadn't spent a couple of hours yesterday shopping with my friend Sarah, coming home with all new shirts and a pair of new shoes. I'm sure Sarah's husband was absolutely thrilled with me introducing her to Fiore Boutique, a store in the mall she'd never been to that is full of adorable vintage-style clothing, necklaces, scarves, shoes, books, candles, stuff to put on the walls... it's just a super cute store full of stuff I like. The website doesn't do it justice - the physical store location is absolutely stuffed full of supercute things.

Also, as though the store was aware they needed to seduce Sarah into being a regular customer, they were playing Frank Sinatra the whole time we were there. Every time I had previously been there, I kept thinking that the store made me think of Sarah, and I couldn't quite put my finger on why, but yesterday when she started singing along with the music, I realized it; they always seem to be playing the best standards and that is the kind of music I associate Sarah with.

Anyway, we both bought too much and stayed within budget, so we declared ourselves victors, got coffee at Starbucks, and went back to Sarah's house to show off our haul.

Sarah and I are terrible influences on each other, but that's just the way we like it.

Today is another run-around Monday - I'm getting used to them when it comes to this whole buying-a-house thing. I'm starting off at the lender's, signing paper after paper after paper (although not THE papers - we're not closing today or anything), then I'm heading out to the actual house to talk to the inspector and my realtor while the inspector is finishing up. So hopefully, while it will be a touch manic, I'll be done with everything by 1 PM and can come home, relax...

and start setting aside books.

Or maybe I'll just decide I need them all and we'll keep every single book forever.

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