Sunday, June 24, 2012

Then & Now

My friend Becky has been in Atlanta for business reasons for a week, and since she had the weekend free, she drove up today to see me! We had a great brunch with friends, took Becky downtown to see the sights, hung out with some other friends doing awesome coffee and bookstore time, and finally saw her off shortly after the giant pile of rain that dumped on us began to let up.

She's on her way back now.

It got me thinking about how quickly time starts to pass, after a while.

Second from left is Becky, and of course I am the crazy kid in glasses at the very right. This was in high school. 

This is a photo of us taken today, in downtown Greenville. 

 I am still a tomboy blonde who wears way too many colors together and Becky is still every inch the confident redhead with a fashion sense I envy, but we're both happily married, and if you give Jason and I about a month we'll both be homeowners and wow adulthood kind of hits you in the face when you let yourself start thinking this way.

Which is probably why I feel the sudden urge to go find some puddles to jump in.


  1. I LOVE that she came to Greenville! How fun to spend some grown up time together!

    Now go jump in that puddle!

  2. Kaatie,I love the picture of you and Becky. Your Blog is ALWAYS so interesting,and sooo good for a chuckle.1 The REAL Katie always shines through!!



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