Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flight of the Bumblekatie

Sorry, sports fans. Meant to update sometime in the last few days and it never quite came together. I'm actually taking a bit of a break to type this now from my whirlwind day. Well, it's actually a monotonous constant drumbeat of counting kind of day so far, but still. It's whirlwind-y in that I keep looking up and realizing an hour has gone by and I didn't notice.

We're about to send out promos about our next set of shows we have opening in late June, so that means lots and lots and lots of peeling address labels, organizing post cards by zip code, then counting how many we have and how much they weigh and math math math math math. This is on top of this being the weekend that our current show is coming down, so my coworker and I were breaking up our mathscapades by running up and down stairs almost nonstop yesterday. Oh, and add a field trip with 40 kids to that.

You can see why this last couple of days might make functioning intellectually a little more challenging for me, since most math problems are interpreted in my brain as "x + y = orange popsicles" and it never ends well. Today has been very quiet, though, so I've actually been kind of racing through what I've got to finish before we leave today.

Except that I have a vendor coming in to discuss some things and drop off some work, so I'll have to finish all that math AND get her merchandise put into the system. In two and a half hours. Which sounds like enough time, and it probably is, but since when has logic or reason ever stopped me from worrying about something?

Oh well. In the parlance of my boss, if it doesn't get done until Tuesday, nobody dies. I just don't want to have to come back in to more math on Tuesday, so I'm trying to finish today.

One thing I've learned this week is that buying a house involves shuffling lots of papers from one location to another one. No, we haven't bought the house yet. We're still in the paper-shuffling stage where I can't really give you any news in particular other than I think we finally got all the paperwork together that our lender needs. Hopefully once I get that pile to her on Monday, things will move much more quickly.

Then I can tell you stuff.

Can and will.

Well, I feel like my brains are kind of back.

Now I want an orange popsicle, though.

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