Sunday, June 10, 2012

Down by the River

"Down by the river" is the title of this post because it is, basically, where I spent Friday and Saturday evening in a nutshell.

Friday, we met our friend Liz from Unscripted at Coffee Underground for grown-up coffees and dinner. I had the Nutty Irishman drink which by the way is the best version of coffee ever - Bailey's and Jameson? Yes please. Liz had something delightful with mint in it whose name I do not recall. Jason had water because our plan was to eat dinner and then go walk around in South Carolina humidity and Jason actually planned ahead for that. Although later he got a Guinness, which is definitely the perfect solid beer choice.

We ended up having tortilla chips and salsa. I had a black bean wrap because yum, and Liz had some kind of hot sandwich. The sandwich also looked delightful, and I have also forgotten its name. This is why I am not a professional restaurant reviewer. Well, mostly it's because that is not a job I have ever been offered.

I could eat food for a living, though. I could definitely remember food names if I were being paid to do it.

Well, either that or my career as a food critic would be terribly short-lived.

Jason also had delicious food, but because he is right here with me right now I can ask him what he had. He informs me that he had the hot ham and brie sandwich. And also that Liz had the turkey, apple, and brie sandwich. I'm going to leave my paragraph about forgetting what she had up, though, because without that paragraph the whole food critic thing just makes no sense. 

 We ended up wandering around downtown, winding around Falls Park and the Reedy River. The water is really low due to a serious lack of rain, so we hopped out on some rocks and ended up hanging out in the middle of the river... which was probably only a few inches deep where we are, what with the aforementioned lack of water a-fallin' from the sky.

Liz was a victim of my propensity for ridiculous self-portrait photography. I like to think she did not suffer too much.

We ended up making plans to hang out Saturday too, which was nice since I had something to get me through my exciting day of counting things (as recalled in the blog entry before this one). Actually, I'm going to take some photos of the new merchandise one of my vendors brought in. She's one of my favorite vendors in the store, and she does these handmade greeting cards, notepads, and bookmarks, plus a new product - pens with kind of thematic paper inside them and little toppers. It'll make more sense when you see them.

We went back downtown Saturday night to go see Shakespeare in the Park - a free outdoor play in the same park we'd been wandering around the night before. We watched them perform Much Ado About Nothing with our friends Lauren, Corey, and Sarah (my cook-tastic lady friend who blogs sometimes over at A Kitchen Full of Flours).  We had a great time - it's one of the funniest of Shakespeare's plays, and the actors were having a great time... which almost always means that the audience has a great time, too. Sarah, Corey, Lauren, Liz, and I ended up just hanging out and chatting for quite a while after the play ended. Sarah chased ducks around, we discovered that her picnic backpack is the outdoor equivalent of the carpetbag from Mary Poppins, and we watched some people at an outdoor wedding nearby have a fantastic time dancing, if not entirely a sober time. Good times had by all.

Also good iced peppermint coffee. Although that was only had by me.

In house news, we need to meet with the lender and the realtor within the next couple of days. We're finally in a position to make an offer on the house. When I know more with any certainty, I'll let you guys know first thing!

We are so ready to be homeowners, you don't even know. Although at first we'll sort of be rattling around a house with no furniture in it, since we've been apartment dwellers so long.

Also, the house-to-be has hardwood floor in the living room. If you guys don't think I'm going to pull a Risky Business the second that house is officially ours and we've moved in, well...

I don't know what to say except that I guess you don't know me so well.

This has clearly been a learning moment for all of us.

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