Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Things - 1

I was thinking about doing another Mindless Consumerism post, but I thought I'd do things a little different this time. Instead, here's some random things around the internet that interested me this week:

1. This photo of a working blacksmith at Old Picture of the Day. I love this blog - the blogger does themed weeks. There was a week of woodworking, a week of blacksmithing photos, ice cream, windmills, and currently there are photos of log cabins. This blacksmith photo was taken in South Missouri in 1940. That's part of what's so cool about blacksmithing - technology has advanced, of course (plasma cutters are a good example), but you can still create the exact same way and make something beautiful, or functional, or both.

A real blacksmith would tell you that if it is made perfectly to serve its function, it's always beautiful.

2. This short little essay by Dr. Brent over at Beekman 1802 about "dirt people". He quotes Eartha Kitt as having said, "I trust the dirt. I don't trust diamonds and gold."One of my favorite quotes of all time.

He points out, rightly, that there is something incredible in eating what your own hard labor brought out of the ground. The older I get, the more gardening becomes supremely fascinating and interesting to me. Our plan for the house, what with its huge yard, is to set up a vegetable garden and be able to grow some of our own food.

Sign that you are finally an adult - you describe gardening as supremely interesting, and you are absolutely sincere.

3. This skirt on etsy, in this awesome dark orange color, over at sophiaclothing's shop. I've been eyeing this skirt for a while. I just think that color is so pretty.

4. Making It Lovely's informational post about painting a room yourself. She gets really, really thorough. I'm spending a lot of time right now reading about painting, paint colors, what colors one SHOULD paint in rooms that face which direction, all that kind of stuff. If I'm finally going to actually own a dwelling, you can bet I'm going to be painting it colors I like.

I also am getting into Making It Lovely, a little bit. Design blogs are sort of odd for me - I get absolutely fascinated and read like crazy, but almost always the style of the bloggers is completely the opposite of mine.

 5. No picture for this one: Justine Musk's awesome blog post, 27 Do's + Don'ts For Being a Badass Woman. This is an awesome list and I think it should be printed out and handed to women on the street.

6. This sort of nautical-themed messenger bag from ZeroBags on etsy. It is super cute, and I want it, and I would find a way to wear it with many things so don't judge me.

I can feel you judging me.

7. The Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture put up this awesome chart on seasonality on fruits and vegetables. It's a very comprehensive list, letting you know what's in season (and therefore at its freshest and most nutritious) when. Each actual fruit/veggie has a link where you can go to info on that particular veggie and why it's healthy, that sort of thing.

8. And actually, while we're on the subject, Milk and Honey Organics is a company that my friend Sarah and I have taken up with. You pay depending on the size of the fruit and veggie basket you choose to get, and each week you have vegetables and fruit delivered to your house. They strive for organic, but focus on local as well. We have received some incredible awesome stuff from them, including purple sweet potatoes that smelled like sugar when you cut them open, grapes that were some of the best basic white grapes I've ever had, blueberries, kale, and just all kinds of stuff.

We've been really pleased with them, so for any locals around, you might give them a try! We just cut the amount that they cost per week out of our grocery budget, and we haven't felt deprived at all - there are weeks when we feel like we couldn't have gotten that many vegetables at the grocery store if we tried. This is not sponsored, or suggested, or anything. I just like 'em so much I wanted to tell everyone about them.

9. On the flipside of houses, this blog: Ugly House Photos. It's a blog kept by a realtor based out of the Phoenix area, and she puts up photos (sometimes from the website listing for the houses, sometimes photos she was given or took herself) of some of the weirder things people do to houses when they're trying to sell. Or, in the above photo, it shows you how much work and effort some nasty people did to get a couple bucks of copper wires out of the wall... and ceiling.

10. And finally, over at Whole Living I kind of stumbled over this piece on prayer by Kate Braestrup, a Unitarian Universalist minister. The link on her name takes you to an Amazon link for a book on praying she recently wrote.

Now the link through to the rest of the piece is currently not working for me, but I actually like the first bit enough to link and see if the rest starts working again soon. I just like it - even reading about prayer, whether religious or more simply ritualized, is pretty meditative for me. It puts my brain in a good place.

I thought it made sense to end in a good place.

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