Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cart and Horse - and all the Dogs

So, in my last long entry I was fairly descriptive about my husband and I's current search for a house. We are planning to meet up with the realtor again, to re-see the houses we were most attached to before as well as see if we can't go look at a few new ones. I've tried a different route to work that actually opens up a couple of parts of town to us that we had earlier discounted, so we're going to look more towards the West - Northwest parts of Greenville instead of just the North side.

So far, we're most attached to I think it was House 5, which has the hardwood floor in the living room and a lot of space.

There's a somewhat hilarious downside to my current house-hunting excitement, though.

Here's the thing - I want a dog. I have wanted a dog since I was old enough to be aware of what dogs are. My grandparents on the farm always had a dog that I remembered, starting with an old lady-dog, I think a Border Collie, who was mostly deaf and limped a little by the time I was really old enough to remember her.

She still tried, and occasionally succeeded, to herd me wherever she thought I should go. Now that I think about it, you'd think with my propensity for needing to be herded that my mother would have lookd into a Border Collie and just taught it to think of me as a sheep... only, you know, I had less common sense than most sheep do.

The plan has always been, for us, to get a dog once we had a yard and room for the dog to run around. We were never those people who could get a dog while apartment-dwelling. The breeds of dog we are most interested in need space and lots of exercise to begin with, and higher-energy dogs get destructive fast when stuck in tiny apartments with both of their owners at work all day.

Here's the problem, though:

I like to get an early start on things. This doesn't mean I like to accomplish things early.

Just to, you know, get started.

I may not have a home to put said dog in, but I've already begun scouring shelter pages to see what kind of dogs there are nearby. I think I've been through the Petfinder pages for every single shelter within 100 miles of Greenville.

So it's been very interesting to find just the most perfect dog ever only to realize that I don't even have more than 700 square feet to put it in.

So I suppose I'll just keep finding just the most perfect dog ever, over and over, until we have the house and the shelter people can come out and check up on us. I've already located two German Shorthaired Pointer mixes (the breed we like the most) that are just perfect, a set of Dachsund/Basset Hound littermates named Romulus and Remus who are some of the strangest, prettiest dogs I've ever seen (they looked a little like black, shaggy Corgis with kind of Hound-style heads), who I'm pretty sure would be just perfect even if they're smaller than we have in mind, and even a couple of Greyhounds that I think might be just perfect.

Not to mention getting my friend Sarah started daydreaming on Petfinder about Great Danes (she currently has a Weimaraner, and has been dreaming about adding a Great Dane to the mix, because you're not done until you own a dog your children can ride like a horse).

I'm kidding! She doesn't really think that.

Well, she hasn't actually said it that way, at least.

Clearly, when it comes to my current puppy searches, we need to have a discussion about putting the cart before the horse. Although in my case the cart is full of puppies and there isn't any horse.

All I have is a cat.

Who is, by the way, just going to be so excited when we get a house and then a dog to live in the house with us. She is just going to love that.

Except for the part where cats hate change, that is.

You should've seen the cat's response to us getting a new tv from a friend who was getting rid of his a year or so ago. She hid behind the couch from the TV-monster.

Oh well.

We're on somewhat of a countdown when it comes to buying a house, so I suppose I can just keep clicking through Petfinder and sighing heavily whenever I see just the perfect dog.

There are so many that are just perfect when you have been telling yourself "When I get a house, I'll get a dog" for as long as I have.

But then, Romulus and Remus get me thinking.

Maybe we need two dogs...


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