Monday, April 2, 2012

Red Dirt, Gray Clouds

I never stop smiling at all the red dirt everywhere. I don't know; it just never stops being sort of novel to me.

Also, it's only barely April and it's already too hot.

I predict I'm going to spend more of this summer than I should hiding inside someplace with blissful air conditioning. Or hiking in the mountains, where it'll be at least a little bit cooler and dryer. You can cut the humidity with a knife outside right now.

Two more full days and then I fly to Illinois! My suitcase is already basically packed. I just have to stick a couple last-minute things in there and we're good. My carry-on bag is already packed, too: I have this month's InStyle and Garden & Gun for my magazine fix (and some old issues so I can show my family), a book called Girl Meets God about a woman who converted from Judaism to Christianity (the title is a bit off to me; Judaism worships the same God, so it's not like she's meeting Him for the first time or anything - but anyway, never mind, I haven't read it yet so who knows), and I think I'm taking along a library book, Dread, about how public opinion and reaction to epidemics and diseases affects how they spread and how severely they affect the population.

I like variety in my reading material, okay? And I pack books for trips the way most people pack their outfits. But then I pack my outfits the same way.

Really, we can just safely sum this up by saying packing takes me a really long time, so I start way in advance.

I will get to see more of the submissions for the art show at work tomorrow, which makes me really excited. Just being in the environment of the museum had kind of gotten my art brain going again... I've been sketching some ideas out that I'm pretty excited about. I might open Giant's Eye back up and start posting again, if I get myself together to start actually creating something.

So I did it again - I totally planned to post up that photo up there and like, one single paragraph of stuff, and then go on my merry way, and then I rambled on and on and on.

Well, at least you can all rest easy knowing that there apparently was not a single thought I had in the last couple of minutes that I did not feel far too free to share with you.

I'm just really giving that way.

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