Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just going to leave this here for now

Yes, that is a giant Pal Bunyan holding a hot dog.

Yes, we got our picture taken in front of it.

My niece decided she wanted to be in the picture, too.

And yes, you too can have our picture taken in front of the giant Paul Bunyan holding a hot dog. Just go to Atlanta, IL and look for him. Trust me, he's not hard to find. Then go eat your lunch across the street at the Palms Grill.

Yes, I got my picture taken in front of a giant Paul Bunyan holding a hot dog because my mother told me to.

Then I got on a plane and flew back to South Carolina, where there are no giant Paul Bunyans holding hot dogs, and I chose to post this picture for you.

Nobody can ever say I don't have a sense of humor about myself.

I have meant to write something longer and more descriptive or purposeful since we got home, but frankly I've been too busy. I could have Monday, but I was busy getting groceries, shopping with delicious gift cards from Christmas and my birthday I hadn't used, and then hanging out with Jason to do that. Could have Tuesday, but I had to work and then I came home, watched Futurama, and almost fell asleep on the couch. Last night I worked and went straight to a friends' house afterwards for our weekly Wednesday get-together. Tonight I'm going to have my late day, where I go into work at noon and leave at 7:30 (meaning I get home around, oh, 8:15ish) and will probably fall asleep on the couch because I am boring.

But FRIDAY. Friday is the DAY.

Well, it's A day. I'll try to make it THE day. I make no promises, though.

I think giant Paul Bunyan holding a hot dog can keep you company 'til then, right?


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