Sunday, March 25, 2012

Southern Snow

Don't be fooled - we may not have gotten any snow this winter, but we're definitely making up for it with the spring.

I mean, it kind of looks like snow. Plus, everyone's going around sneezing and coughing. So... it's a little like the winter when everyone gets a cold, right?

Frankly, the sheer amount of pollen in the air has been causing me to get the slightest tickle in my throat during the day. I don't even have allergies - my friends with allergies are downing medicine like candy or are perfectly miserable or, occasionally, both at the same time.

The mildness of winter means that the pollen is in overdrive this spring. I washed my car on Sunday and by Tuesday it was vaguely orange from all the yellow pollen. I made the mistake of parking under a tree in our apartment complex's parking lot and came out the next day to find my car both orange from pollen and green from tree buds that had fallen on it. My car looked like nature had become angry and was trying to take it back.

So, like I said.

Don't be fooled - the South gets snow... it just falls off our trees instead of from the clouds.

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