Monday, March 19, 2012

A little bit of honesty

Anyone looking at this page will notice that my last update was on October 16th. An astute observer will see that it is the post in which I announced I had gotten a new job.

I then dropped off the face of the (blogging) planet.

These things, you should know, are related.

The simple truth is that it became too hard to come up with anything to write... I was too unhappy with the job.

I didn't want to tell you all, who are mostly my family and friends who know me outside the space of the internet, how miserable the job made me. I won't say I made a mistake - I was making a lot more money, which enabled Jason and I to start building towards buying a house in the time I was there. I met some pretty cool people, had so me very awesome coworkers. But it was hard to write when it took so long to decompress after every single day. I haven't even been taking pictures, or drawing, or really anything at all... my brain has been completely focused on I'm not at work when I'm home.

I don't want anyone to think I was super unhappy or anything. I was having a great time... not at work. We had parties at friends' houses, Jason and I went out to Hagood Mill a couple of times, or we just relaxed and were together.

Being unhappy while at work, though, was kind of sapping my creative energy whenever I wasn't there. Which is not something I am okay with work doing.

So, you may be asking yourself, why are you writing a blog entry today?


I quit my job. This is my last week there. I am sad only because my supervisor, who was really nice, is on vacation so I'll be gone before he gets back, and that is sad. But not sad enough to stop me.

I have been offered a new job, and accepted the offer. I'll be working in an art and history museum's gift shop. I'll help source out new merchandise to sell from local artists, be on some days the "face" of the museum - the first person people see. I'm going to bury my head in books on local history over the next month or so, I can already tell.

While I was sitting here being happy about this last few days of work, I thought to myself, You know what I haven't done in a while?

So I wandered over here.

I think I'll come back in to this blog. I hope to stay awhile.

If things go even remotely according to plan, this is going to be a pretty exciting year.

I'll have enough vacation to see my extended family more than once a year - Jason and I are both (!!!!) going to see them here for Easter. This will be the first time in... too long... since Jason has been able to come, too. I wasn't able to go home for Christmas or my little cousin Jake's wedding, which means I still haven't met his wife (how cool is that to say, huh?). So I plan to rectify these things.

We'd like to buy a house this year, get a dog, maybe go hog-wild and host our own party since we might have enough room to fit more than three other people in our living space. Maybe we'll be able to swear off apartments forever. That would be exciting.

So what do you think the odds are that they will? 

Then again, if there's anything the last couple of years has taught me, it's that trying to calculate the likelihood doesn't mean anything. I have to make my own odds.

Maybe I'll pull my camera back out, too.

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