Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little bit about now

So... what good things have been up the past few months?

Well, the usual stuff: Jason and I went out to Hagood Mill a couple of times, he went by himself a couple of times as well. We had breakfast at Coffee to a Tea, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with our friend Liz, sometimes with our married friends Sarah and Josh Forgie. This, of course, was when I wasn't working on Saturdays. I wasn't usually scheduled, but the problem with both having trouble with thinking past the short-term AND working in a place where they often let you leave early if you agree to come in for a few hours on Saturday meant that I, in the last couple of months I was there, ended up working almost every Saturday.

I worked on building something approximating a 'spring' wardrobe. I love sweaters, but South Carolina does not want you to be able to wear sweaters after mid-February for some reason. This saddens me - in Illinois one can get away with sweaters almost the whole way through April, at least a few days.

I guess that will work for me no longer.

On the other hand - my car is slightly orange from yellow pollen, the flowers have all burst, the magnolia trees will soon hang heavy under their blossoms. Magnolia trees are one of the greatest things about living here. You see a big old magnolia tree, like a huge one? You know that it's probably nearly as old as Greenville itself, as they grow so slowly.

Today I went in for the fun part of getting a new job - drug test and signing papers. It's starting to feel like I really did get this job. I don't know what to do with my hands when I think about it - I just start wanting to kind of drum out a beat on the table with excitement.

Now I'm settled in at Sarah's house, doing some laundry and listening to music, idly looking at real estate for sale in the area.

I know this entry was pretty random, but it's mostly to get me into the swing of regular updates again.

It could not be a prettier day. I can even handle the humidity for gorgeousness like this.

Even if I still complain about it a lot.

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