Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As of Day 1 (Start of Day 2)

I have been at this job a single day and I have already been asked by a vendor if I'd be willing to pick up a piece of their merchandise to sell in the gift shop. I am reminding myself that just because it is a book I want to read, doesn't mean that customers will pay for it. But I'm considering asking if I can just have one for myself, anyway, because a book about the Cherokee presence during the Revolutionary War seems pretty cool to me.

I've been there one day and already I am being tempted by merchandise. This isn't even the merchandise already there, people. This is hypothetical merchandise I'm dreaming about.

In general, it was a day full of cramming information into my skull. Some things, like figuring out how to run the (seriously old school) register and inventory system were pretty simple once they clicked. I answer the phones like a pro. Which I suppose I kind of am.

I am going to be spending the first couple of months just acclimating to the concept of being in charge of this little store, trying to get the sections a little more strongly delineated and really just trying to make the place my own.

Although, of course, it's all going to be baby steps.

Yesterday I mostly figured out the bare bones of how this job works. There were a nice variety of customers - I signed someone up for a membership/class, which you have to do a certain way when they sign up for both at the same time. I was able to meet one of the instructors who teach the art classes that go on downstairs. They're currently doing a Youth Art show with the local schools so there were people in and out all day.

Today I think they're starting the takedown on the Youth Art stuff, because this weekend people will start submitting for the juried art show. Which is definitely going to be awesome to see.

Guys, I work for an art museum now. I just thought I should repeat that. Maybe be a little bit giddy about it.

Let's go see what I learn about my job today.

P.S. Nine days until Jason and I fly to Illinois to see my family!

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