Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well, this got long.

How completely and quintessentially me it is to buy a book on organization and then immediately get so disorganized I forget to start my new book on organization.

Which I must admit to you is what happened with my get-organized-week-by-week book. I thought about it, I ruminated on it, I decided I was going to start on this path to a clutter-free me right away.

And then I immediately began cluttering all over the place, quite happily piling books on the couch and letting them live there in blissful harmony with the cushions until I remembered why, exactly, those books were stacked there in the first place.

Those of you who know me fairly well cannot be anything remotely close to surprised by this development. I am the queen of forgetting this plan or that, getting so wrapped up in some new idea that I forget the other ones half-finished.

This week has been an energizing week for me, at least mentally... The kind of week that reminds me that there was something I was meant to be doing.

Oh yeah.


organize now! by Jennifer Ford Berry had the looks of the kind of book I could use; it's broken down week by week, with tasks broken down into smaller ones. Organizing one's life can be overwhelming, even when you are 25, don't own a house, don't have children and have only a husband and a cat making faces at your messiness.

(okay, I don't actually know that's what the cat is making faces about... I just know she makes faces)

This week there were some hopeful developments when it came to our future financial stability and my own willingness to dig myself out of this awful lack-of-creativity rut and get working already; get painting, get drawing patterns for my coffee-bag purse, get working on ideas with a friend of mine for a project that could definitely be very cool.

As it stands, though, I am still at the series of steps on the way to figuring myself out where I'm mostly staring ahead at a large and seemingly never-ending canyon of stuff that needs to be done.


We start at the very beginning.

(it's a very good place to start. I promise I won't start singing.)

Week 1 is, first and foremost, about getting one's head together. Deciding what you want out of your organized life. Deciding to be "cleaner" is all well and good, but if the reason you are full of clutter is because of a dissatisfaction with where your life is... you can empty out boxes and boxes of art supplies but that won't fix the reality that I haven't been working on the paintings I need to be paying attention to.

Er, forgive that sudden switch from second-person perspective to first. I'm writing very stream-of-consciousness right now.

So the very first step on the first week's goals it to answer a series of questions. I am keeping a small green notebook to jot down some of those answers.

Question 1 is actually a series of questions, based on your idea of a 'perfect life': where would you live, what would you do to earn an income, what would you do for fun.

The most important questions in Question 1 are the following:

"What would you do more of?"

My answers:

Paint. Draw. Create jewelry. Take photos. Time with Jason. Garden. Read. Time with family. Craft. Time with friends.

It lets you see what your goals for your free time are, which really is what I'm attempting the most to organize. My job is clear and well-defined, for the most part; it needs no organization on my part. My life outside of my job is what needs to be torn out of its current chaos.

The other important question:

"What would you do less of?"

My answers:

Computer time. TV. Staying in. Nothing. Procrastinating. 

 So I have my answers of what needs to change in my free time.

What I need to take up next week: Making a To Do list of what needs to get done that day, even things that don't seem like that big of a deal... anything that I really need to get done that day. I need to think about what the next year or so is going to look like, as I make each step. I need to consider what I have to change about my current mental state to allow myself to maintain any of the steps I'm about to take.

Not sure if I'm ready for week 2, but I came home from work today with an energy to my step that I haven't had, really, in weeks.

There are some things on my plate right now that could really get big, in wonderful ways, or could blow up in my face.

I am finding myself anticipating seeing which it is, doing everything in my power to make sure it's positive.

So my first steps are going to be to try to dial down all the anxiousness and chaos in my head, and then start applying that to my life outside of my brain.

I really hope this wasn't the most boring blog entry any of you have ever read... this was really me kind of talking out loud to you and to myself. I haven't been talking to my blog really lately. I was never great at the lengthy entries here... there's too much I try to keep at least semi-private. But I'm trying to open up more, and be more honest, as part of what I am trying to accomplish.

I feel like honesty's working for me so far.

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